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6 Things to Check before You Buy an Old Printer

Things to Check before You Buy an Old Printer


A printer is an output device that when attached to your computer device, makes you able to take printouts of the soft copies saved in your computer system. In some of the cases, where the cost of a printer is un-affordable for us, we choose to purchase a second hand or an old printer for ourselves and as a single wrong choice or mistake made in making choice can result in monetary loss as well as time loss, we should be really careful before purchasing a second hand printer. If you are planning to purchase an old printer for yourself, these tips will surely work for you.

6 Things to Check before You Buy an Old Printer

6 Things to Check before You Buy an Old Printer

1. Make Yourself Familiar with the Types of Printer:-

It is better if you make yourself with the types of printers available in the market first of all if this is your first printer. There are many types of printers like a laser printer, dot-matrix printer etc. and each one has got one or several advantages and drawbacks. Make yourself familiar with each type of printer and then consider your needs and expectations to make a purchasing decision.

2. Can You Compromise On Space and Noise:-

A factor that differentiates between the kinds of printers is that if they make noise or not. Another such factor is space and then there comes the speed of that printer. Purchase any printer after considering all these three factors to judge what you can compromise upon and what feature you expect from it.

3. Just Printer or Printer with Scanner:-

Next there comes a judgment that you need just a printer or a printer with a scanner? You can consider your budget while making this decision. A printer without a scanner just makes you able to take print outs of soft copies saved in your computer, but a printer with scanner also empowers you to generate these soft copies by scanning the documents.

4. For Daily Usage or Sometimes Usage:-

Next comes the time to decide if your printer is for a regular usage or for a sometimes usage. If you are purchasing a printer for sometimes usage, the laser printer will serve to be the best ones as their ink never gets dried up while if you are purchasing a printer for regular usage, you can purchase any other kind as well.

5. Type of Ink and Cartridge Used:-

The next step follows you to consider the ink and cartridge needs. There are some printers purchasing which, you have to make compromises on ink as they require ink injections to be filled with them for usage and the ink gets dried after some time. Also keep in mind to ask about the maintenance and service charges for the printer that you are planning to purchase.

6. Color Printer or Black And White Printer:-

Next step follows you to judge if you need a black and white printer or a colored printer. A black and white printer gives you every printer in a single color while if you need a variety of colors with your documents, you can choose a colored printer as well.


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