6 Steps to Withdraw Money From Bank Without Atm Card

How to Withdraw Money from Bank


Banks are the greatest hub to store your money to make some savings that you can choose to withdraw afterwards when you need them. The procedure of banking is easy to be understood and you just need to have an account opened in a specific bank for it or instead you can even choose to take a cheque issued by someone who has got an account already opened in that bank and you can choose to withdraw cash with it as well. The process of making a withdrawal has been explained by us in the further steps in this article.

6 Steps to Withdraw Money From Bank Without Atm Card

6 Steps to Withdraw Money From Bank Without Atm Card

1. Choose the Specific Withdrawal Form:-

In order to withdraw money from bank, you will first of all need to choose the requisite form for doing that. These forms might be there at the form counter and if it is not there, you can choose to ask the concerned authorities about where you will find it. If you need to make a cheque based withdrawal, you will need to get the cheque signed from the issuer with your name written on it and submit it to the bank clerk who will add that cheque either in your account or you may even get it cashed instead. You might be asked to fill a withdrawal form along with cheque as well.

2. Enter Your Details On It:-

If you need to make a slip based withdrawal, you will need to fill up your account details in the withdrawal slip specifying the amount that you need to withdraw along with your account number, branch name and your mobile number, date etc. Fill up all the columns in a proper way.

3. Make Two Signs At The Back Side:-

The bank authorities will ask you to put 2 of your signatures at the back side of this form and one at the front side in the specific column. This signature should be matching with the one that you had done while opening up the account. If the signature is not matching, the authorities might ask you to do signature again.

4. Give It To The Concerned Bank Officer:-

After the form gets filled and signed properly, you need to give it to the bank clerk so as to get it verified and then they will pass on the slip to the cash counter this way after it gets verified completely. Firstly, they will check if you are the authentic account holder or not and then the slip will be passed on to the cash window.

5. Get the Token:-

If they find the slip to be perfectly filled, you will be provided with a bank token that you are to take with yourself to the cash window and then you will need to wait for your turn to come. You are advised to keep your mobile phone switched off in the mobile and you should not try to break the cue as well.

6. Give The Token To Cash Officer:-

After your turn comes, you just need to give the token to the cash officer and then he will count you the number of cash notes that you has specified in that slip. The cash officer will make a register entry of it and this way your withdrawal will be made. You can get the transaction entry be made in your bank passbook now.


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