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6 Steps to Use Google Drive for Windows

How To Use Google Drive


Google Drive is a space or place that enables you to store your files safely. Earlier, when there were no such options, your data was lost the moment your device got damaged what had become a sort of pain for all and thus these type of approaches were bought in use. Google Drive enables you to store your files in an account and then use them whenever you need them. Google cloud service is not dependent on a specific device and instead you can access it anywhere with just a simple log in it

6 Steps to Use Google Drive for Windows

6 Steps to Use Google Drive for Windows

1. How Can I Get It? :-

You just need to have a Google account in order to access the Google drive service. Your account enables you access Google drive and store files in it. You can even get the Google Drive application downloaded from the playstore in your android smart phone or tablet.

2. Features of Google Drive:-

Google Drive enables you to view, share and organize your files and upload and share the content in your device to your account. You can even take print outs of the matter in your mobile device using this service and you can even scan important documents that you have with you by using your mobile’s camera.

3. What After Getting It?

When you get the access to Google drive, you just need to sign in with your gmail account in it and start adding files to it. It has got an added feature to create Google Drive documents as well as to upload files to it saved in your device. After you upload these devices to the cloud, they can be accessed anywhere, on any device with your gmail account using Google drive.

4. Experimenting With The Files:-

Google enables you experiment with the ways your files are displayed on it as well as allows you to modify them. You can change their display mode to “icons” or “grid”. You can switch to any of these modes whenever you want.

5. Browsing Your Files:-

There is an option to browse the files separately in the application downloaded from the playstore but you can even browse them over internet on your system with usage of the navigation bar as well. Other drive, users can even share their files with you and you can even mark your files as the important ones. The files that you edit or modify will be displayed in the “recent files”.

6. Making A Search:-

If you have countless number of files stored in your account, you can look for one of them easily by searching for it and to do so you just need to use the search bar and enter the file’s name in it. The file that you were looking for will be displayed the next moment.


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