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6 Steps to Treat a Burns at Home

How To Treat Burns


It happens sometimes that when we are working up with the boiled oil or refined oil in a frying pan and accidentally some water drops fall all off a sudden in that boiled oil, the hot bubbly steam gets formed that might cause burns to the associated area. It has been seen that sometimes even while boiling the milk or ironing the clothes some women are likely to experience burns by the excessive heated equipments if they accidentally touch it and thus there comes a great need to look for the approaches that can help us treat burns in a better way.

6 Steps to Treat a Burns at Home

6 Steps to Treat a Burns at Home

1. Apply Aloe Vera Gel:-

The first thing that can be done so as to treat the burns is to apply Aloe Vera juice or Aloe Vera gel on the affected area. You may directly pinch some of the Aloe Vera leaf and bring the juice out of it in use so as to be applied on the burnt area. You will get relieved from the burning sensation this way.

2. Apply the Tooth Paste:-

If while working in the kitchen, accidentally you put your hand on some hot appliance and your hand suffers burns this way, you may choose to go for application of the daily usage toothpaste that you brush your teeth with. The tooth paste will provide an instant cooling relief against the burning sensation to you.

3. Apply the Milk:-

If the case of burn is due to some concentrated acid like Hydrochloric Acid, you may choose to pour up some milk on the affected area. The cases of acid burns can get relieved by applying this step immediately after coming in contact with the acid as it is proven to save your skin from getting burnt completely.

4. Apply the Burn Ointment:-

There are some ready made ointments like Burnol etc. That can be readily purchased from any leading pharmacy store or some medical store at affordable prices. Simply keep on applying this ointment on the burnt surface daily so as to treat the skin against the damage caused by the burn.

5. Apply the Coconut Oil:-

If there is some kitchen related burn case, you may even choose to massage the burn affected area daily with some coconut oil as it is proven to treat your skin against the sensation of burning. Apply coconut oil daily on the affected area and soon you will get relieved against the side effects of burning as well.

6. Keep Hand Dipped In Water:-

Immediately dip the affected area in water or apply ice to it after the moment any body part of your experiences the sensation of burning. This is a proven way to save yourself against the irritation and sensation that the burns may cause. You may even choose to apply some Onion Juice on the affected area so as to get relieved against the burns. It is advised that you can even choose to apply some turmeric paste on the affected area so as to get added benefits against the problem of burns as well.


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