6 Steps to Travel for Free and Get Paid for it

How to Travel for Free


If I ask you, Who does not likes traveling? Probably all of you will say that you really like it and there would be no person who does not likes it, though there may be some amongst you who will surely like to tell me that you like it only till it does not makes your pockets empty as most of the travel agents seek to empty your pockets while planning for the travel packages and thus in order to travel for free, we have come with some tips for you that will really let you do that and that too without emptying your pockets for sure.

6 Steps to Travel for Free and Get Paid for it

6 Steps to Travel for Free and Get Paid for it

1. Asking Lifts and Hitch Hiking:-

In order to travel the world for free, you can choose to go for hitchhiking. Simply keep on walking for a while and then show your hand to any vehicle passing by who has got the pillion seat vacant. This way, taking lifts and hitch hiking, you can choose to keep on traveling for free and rather this will help you develop a friendly relation with the people you come across as well.

2. Enter Some Profession That Allows You Travel While Getting Paid:-

You can even choose to enter some profession that allows you to travel while getting paid. Simply search about such professions and get indulged in them. Some of these professions may include language teaching, adventure sports, baggage exports, etc. These professions pay you for traveling.

3. Do This One If You Have An Excellent Running Capability:-

If you have an excellent running capability, you might try this one as it is my favorite. Try running when some bus or truck starts and climb it up while dodging it running after it. This will make you travel free of cost as the truck owners concentrate on the road ahead and not what is following them.

4. Offers Based On Various Internet Based Purchases:-

There are various internet based offers that can also be bought in use so as to travel free of cost. Like this one that I got yesterday, I recharged from the freecharge application and it gave me a free OLA cab ride. Many internet based schemes include such offers that can be bought in use so as to travel for free.

5. Get Involved With Some Movie Shoot:-

You can even choose to get involved with some movie shoot as well, so as to travel for free. Simply give an audition for a movie and as most of the movies are shot at perfect sites like hill stations etc., it will give you a chance to travel for free.

6. Vehicle Pull Services:-

Have you tried out asking lift from a school bus? They never charge you anything right, you can choose to go for such vehicle pull services in order to travel for free. You can even choose to ask some known of yours so as to drop you till the point he or she is going so as to travel for free or you may even choose to get indulged with some loading or unloading unit so as to drive for free.


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