6 Steps to Design a Kitchen Cabinet and Slabs

6 Steps to Design a Kitchen Cabinet and Slabs


A Kitchen is a place where food is cooked and as this is a place made for the ladies of the house, it should be made in such a way that gives them the privacy and even if it is not meant for the ladies of the house but for some cook, let him be male or female, still there is a need to make kitchen in such a way that it looks presentable and besides this everything is in the reach of the one who uses it. The best way to design a kitchen is the one that includes all what suits the needs of people depending on it and if even you are thinking to design your kitchen, you may consider the tips that we are mentioning here:-

6 Steps to Design a Kitchen Cabinet and Slabs

6 Steps to Design a Kitchen Cabinet and Slabs

1. Decide a Perfect Space:-

In order to design a kitchen, first of all you will need to look up and decide a perfect space for it. this should be the space enough to fulfill all your kitchen needs like a perfect space for the sink as well as a perfect space for the refrigerator etc. you will also need to decide if you wish to built it room type or open.

2. Get the Kitchen Slabs Constructed:-

Let it be an open kitchen or closed, both the types are composed of the kitchen slabs. Get the kitchen slabs constructed and then get the sink fixed at a proper place. Get the chimney fixed if it is a closed kitchen and make proper arrangement for ventilation by getting the exhaust fan positioned.

3. Wooden Spacious Cabinets:-

The cabinets that you are to get positioned with the chambers of the kitchen should have a wooden cabinet like shape so that all your kitchen utensils and storage containers as well as equipments that are not in use can be stored in this space.

4. Proper Space for Electrical Equipments to be plugged in:-

There should be electrical sockets positioned at perfect place where you would wish to fix the refrigerator and it is better if fridge is somewhat away from the wall so it would need proper space. You should also get a separate switch board for the other small machinery like blender or food processor or oven etc.

5. Keep the Gas Stove in Middle:-

There can be a square part of granite flooring built in between of the kitchen so as to place the gas stove over it and you can keep the gas stove four burners equipped at this place and even two or three cooks can cook in the same kitchen like this. If you wish it keep the stove small, you can even place it over the kitchen slab.

6. Finishing Touches:-

Rest is the entire kitchen boundary if you wish or polish over the wooden cabinets and finishing of the chimney as well as other such stuff that you have engaged with the kitchen. You can get the kitchen painted with your favorite color afterwards and your kitchen would get ready for use like this.


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