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6 Smart Strategies to get Scholarships for College

How to Get Scholarship from Your College


This one was perhaps the best topic to write upon as I never had to pay my fees during college. Yes, if you are talented enough or securing enough, you can easily get a scholarship for yourself during college time to self-finance your fees. A scholarship is like a kind of grant that you either get from the university or the college in order to continue your studies being a brilliant student of any college. There are countless ways of achieving scholarship from your college and some of them are pretty easy to achieve.

6 Smart Strategies to get Scholarships for College

6 Smart Strategies to get Scholarships for College

1. Start Participating In Extra Curricular Activities:-

The first and very much easy way to earn a scholarship for you is to start participating in extra-curricular activities of the college. This includes the events like dance competitions, cultural programs, fests, collage making competitions, best out of waste, cooking competitions etc. Having a good record of achievements in extra-curricular activities can make you liable to apply for a scholarship from your college’s side.

2. Sports Quota for Scholarship:-

Sports quota is a quota for the sportsperson. Just like the candidates from S.C or S.T get reservation concession in fees and other services like recruitment programs or competitive exam marks, even the students good in sports get a fee concession keeping in mind their academic achievements and thus if you are a good sports person, you can also manage to get a scholarship for yourself.

3. Be A Topper To Earn A Scholarship:-

If your academic score is good and your marks come above the merit list or distinction, you can request the principal of your college for forwarding your name for the scholarship schemes presented by the College Board or university. If your college is a government aided college, there will for sure be some such scheme available in it.

4. Apply For the National / University Based Scholarship Tests:-

The national governments keep on organizing national/university based scholarship programs at local, national and international level to support the students in need or born with guts and qualities in them to earn it. You can search for such scholarship schemes on the internet and apply for them in order to earn a scholarship for yourself.

5. Participate In Quiz Contests, poetry competitions and Debates:-

If you are participating in quiz contests, poetry competitions, and debates and declamations for your college like me, you might win a cash prize for yourself as most of such competitions are based on a cash prize along with the trophy. Winning such competitions also make you eligible for the college’s scholarship schemes if you are a state level participant with a career of many prizes and certificates.

6. Participate At Local Level:-

It is never required that you should be a national level participant to be eligible for a scholarship and instead if you do not find a national scholarship program for yourself, you can manage to find such programs at the local level for yourself or you can ask your professors or lecturers for such scholarship programs available in your college or university.


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