6 Reasons Why People Marry

Why People Marry


Marriage is when two people make together a decision of living together for the rest of life and not just the rest of life, but also for the rest of births that they take. Marriage is not a meeting of two people but also the meeting of two families that get tied up in an eternal bond that becomes immortal with time. Regarding the purpose why people marry, there are countless beliefs about the fact and some of these have been listed by us here in this article.

6 Reasons Why People Marry

6 Reasons Why People Marry

1. You Can’t Always Blame God and You Need Someone Else To Blame for Your Mistakes:-

I was asking my wife yesterday, why people marry. She simply answered that because we can’t always blame the prime minister as well as god for the mistakes made and because we need someone to blame for those mistakes and thus a husband is a perfect choice what one gets after marrying.

2. You can’t live alone forever:-

Apart from the jokes cracked on marriage, one needs to marry also because this world is big enough to be lived alone in and you always need someone’s company in order to stay fine. The parents or other relatives can’t always stay alone and thus there is a need to marry in order to have a partner for life time.

3. Everybody Needs a Shoulder to Keep Head When You Feel Like Crying:-

When you cry, you need a shoulder and when you feel low, you need a chest to hug. This can’t be always possible with parents or relatives, but can always be possible with a partner moreover we live in a society and who does not follow the trends and traditions is always seen with eyes full of hate for him or her.

4. A Partner Is Obviously a Supporting Hand:-

A partner obviously acts as a supporting hand when you need it. You won’t even remember sometimes where had you kept your socks or dress or the business files, but a wife would always keep a notice of such things and being a wife you always need a husband as he is the only one who can bear all what you need and has the power to wipe off your grieves in life.

5. To Reproduce The Further Generations:-

The main and final reason for people to go for marriage is to reproduce their successors as in case the new generations are not reproduced, the old generations soon die and there would be no successor left within the family which is why people marry in order to have a successor to bring forward their family’s name.

6. To Have Someone There To Take Care of You:-

The moral of whole the necessities that you need in order to lead life is that we marry in order to have someone to take care of us along with our families as a single person cannot always be there to take charge of everything and everything can’t ever be done by a single person which is why people get married.


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