6 Proven Ways to Make Money for Kids

6 Proven Ways to Make Money for Kids


Fed up of being dependent on your parents for everything? Want to set up your own business in your locality, well a business is set up simply with a great idea and to have a business for yourself and that too in childhood is itself a big problem that needs a great idea that nobody has thought about. In such cases you may choose to follow the ways that we are describing here so as to take a stand for yourself satisfying your financial needs and that too without being a burden on your parents.

6 Proven Ways to Make Money for Kids

6 Proven Ways to Make Money for Kids

1. Have a Local Lemonade Stall:-

The best idea that I can give you being a kid is to have a lemonade stall be set up at the corner of your street. The ingredients are cheaply available and with simply a table stretched in one of the corners of your street, you can successfully run it, making profits enough to make you bear your monthly expenses.

2. A Sandwich Stall:-

In case you feel there is no craze for a lemonade stall in your area, you may also choose to go for a sandwich stall as well. Simply purchase a pack of breads and then sell them after making sandwiches with jam, butter and other such grated and mashed veggies filled in between to make a perfect blend of taste selling it the way I mentioned in step one.

3. Try Replacing Your Maid:-

There is a great sum, that parents have to pay each month for the maid who works for the job of cleaning the house, dusting it and even wet cleaning it with the mop. You may choose to make a deal with your parents that you wish to replace the maid with yourself proposing a less amount of money than she takes for it in order to fetch yourself some work in case the parents do not allow you for a stall.

4. Try Replacing the Garbage Pickers:-

Even the garbage picker’s charge four to five hundred rupees per month in order to get the garbage picked up from your houses and let me tell you that they take it to the nearest municipality dustbin only. You may find the nearest municipality dustbin and you may choose to replace the garbage pickers with yourself this way procuring the sum from your parents that they had to pay to the garbage picker earlier.

5. Ask Your Parents If They Need Help In Any Work:-

In case your parents do not allow you to do any such work, you may ask them if they need help in something and may be they assign you some work proposing a sum for it that you may deposit in your piggy bank making some savings for yourself.

6. The Internet Based Data Earning:-

If you know the usage of the internet very well, there are several online websites that pay you off for making surveys or for writing or making data entry job works for them. You may choose to go for such works as well in order to make money.


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