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6 Proven Reasons Why Extramarital Affairs Are Good Or Bad

Extramarital Affairs Are Good Or Bad


An extramarital affair refers to the connections kept with a person except your life partner. Whether an extramarital affair is good or bad, it all depends on your priorities and moral values in life. One can’t make a distinction on this topic without concerning the scene as well as situation as sometimes the person is right but the situation is wrong. In order to judge if an extramarital affair is good or bad you have to keep in concern a few factors, some of which are as follows:-

6 Proven Reasons Why Extramarital Affairs Are Good Or Bad

6 Proven Reasons Why Extramarital Affairs Are Good Or Bad

1. The Extent of Your Closeness:-

If extramarital affairs are good or bad, this is hard to say without judging the extent of your closeness. If your extramarital affair is limited to just friendship or unexpected care, it is good. If it becomes a trouble for your marital relationship, it gets transformed into a bad part.

2. Truth of Your Relation with Your Married Partner:-

Even when some people are married, there is no taste in their married life as their partner is a big liar or a fraud or is himself or herself indulged in some extramarital affair and thus if you also do that, there is nothing wrong with it.

3. Situation and Circumstances:-

There are some situations and circumstances where a person has to get indulged in an extramarital affair even when he does not wish to get indulged in it. Suppose your wife is spying on you and you are with a woman who is just your friend and nothing more than that. Your wife still treats you like you have ditched her and clash amongst you both gets transformed into a big fight, in such case an extramarital affair is enough to ruin your life.

4. Love and Attachment:-

If you have a family history of big fights amongst you and your partner and if you both wish to get divorced. Besides this If you have love for someone in your heart and you are attached to that person, an extramarital affair is not bad in such cases.

5. Judge Which Relation is true:-

If somewhere in life at some point of time you feel that there is a need to judge which relation is good and which relation is bad, simply close your eyes. The person whom you love will be seen even when your eyes are closed. If you find yourself unable to go with this trick, simply judge which relation is true? If your wife loves you more or your girlfriend loves you more? Is there any scope left to save your married life? Asking all these questions from yourself will itself give you the answer.

6. It Is All A Game of Priorities:-

It is all a game of priorities that if an extramarital affair is good or bad for you. If you consider it good, it is good. If you consider it bad, it is bad. If you have no attachment with your married partner, just get divorced and if you have something left in your heart for him or her, never go for an extramarital affair as there is still a scope left in life.


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