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6 Proven Health Benefits of Amla or Indian Gooseberry

Health Benefits of Indian Gooseberry


Amla or Indian gooseberry is a hub of health packed nutrients which make it a must for all. This berry is slightly sour, but still comes to be sweet when we talk about its health benefits. Amla tree is a deciduous tree with amla fruit which serves to be an ideal treatment agent against the problem of diabetes; it boosts your immunity if taken in the form of ‘murabba’ and is also rich in a high content of Vitamin-C. It enhances food absorption and balances the stomach acid. Side by side, it also strengthens your lungs and flushes out the toxins out of the body. A single amla is a hub of endless benefits and some of these health benefits can be described as follows:-

6 Proven Health Benefits of Amla or Indian Gooseberry

6 Proven Health Benefits of Amla or Indian Gooseberry

1. Care for Hair, Eye and Skin:-

Amla juice is the best ever care for your hair, eyes and skin. Mostly all the good shampoo brands these days come with the content of amla as it boots up your hair health, making your hair longer and stronger. It also adds a shine to your hair. Amla improves the eyesight if consumed daily and it also makes your skin free from skin problems if consumed daily or if you apply its juice on skin.

2. Increases Digestion and Cures Heart Diseases:-

Amla is also the best fruit substitute to increase the process of digestion in your body. It has been scientifically proven that an individual who consumes one amla per day stays much healthier and physically fit than an individual not consuming it.

3. A Hub of Vitamin-C:-

The deficiency of Vitamin-C can cause scurvy disease to you. Vitamin-C is also proven to cure your skin against skin diseases and as amla is a hub of this vitamin, it also helps in curing both these problems acting as a home remedy. Amla has also been presented as an immunity boosting food item and thus you can consume it daily.

4. Balances the Level of Sugar in Your Blood:-

Amla juice does not contain the content of sugar in it and thus it is an ideal remedy against the problem of diabetes or sugar in your body. It also increases the level of insulin hormone in your body and improves the response of your body towards the insulin being produced to keep you away from this disease and thus you can consume it daily to safeguard yourself against diabetes as well.

5. Cures Menstrual Cramps:-

According to a famous expert of berries, amla is also a food item which helps you to get relief against menstrual cramps. If you take amla in the form of murabba during winters, it also helps you stay warm from inside and helps you fight the signs of winter.

6. Increases the Absorption of Calcium:-

Amla is a proven remedy to increase the absorption of Calcium content in your body which is essential for bones and joints. It also balances the stomach acids and strengthens your lung flushing out the un-required toxins outside the body. Amla is also not very much expensive and one can manage to consume an amla daily to avail all these health benefits.


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