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6 Procedure of Saving Money on Groceries without Coupons

How to Save Money on Groceries Without Coupons


Groceries primarily include the food and non food products that most of the retailers and grocers sell at their shops. They earn a lot on these stuff and when you go to their shop in order to get the essentials for whole month, you are likely to get your pockets emptied. In this article we have thus come with some ways that will help you to deal in a better way with these grocers and save your money on groceries.

6 Procedure of Saving Money on Groceries without Coupons

6 Procedure of Saving Money on Groceries without Coupons

1. Marts With Schemes:-

Small shops, get their stuff from big markets and sell it at high prices to make profits. You can choose to go to shopping marts instead of small shopkeepers as these marts bring the quality stuff in lots and thus their rates are generally cheaper than the local grocers.

2. Bargaining On Shops:-

If there is no such mart in your area and you have to depend on the local Kirana shops for your grocery needs, you can make a habit of bargaining on everything. Most of the Kirana shop owners sell their stuff at maximum retail price printed on the pack which is actually much high than the price on which they get it and thus there is a great margin in it. You can ask the seller that if he gives you a desired discount on the stuff, you will get the ration for whole of month from him only. If he is a person with mind, he is sure to agree with this bargain of yours.

3. Looking For Schemes And Offers:-

If you live in an area with various shopping complexes and marts for purchasing the groceries, you can first of all take a look at the schemes and offers that it offers and then make a plan to make purchases based on it. Some schemes involve discounts and some even include the other grocery stuff for free with a specific purchase amount and thus you will be able to make purchases smartly.

4. Better Relation With The Seller:-

If you are dealing with a local shop owner, you should establish a family relation with him. When he goes to purchase the stuff for his shop, you can ask him friendly to bring some stuff for you also or you can even manage to go with him to the whole seller from where he gets the stuff for his shop and learn how to save money on groceries.

5. Go To Wholesaler Rather Than The Retailer:-

Learn to go to a wholesaler rather than a retailer. Those who deal in large amounts always have large discounts associated with the purchases. You can even manage to talk with some neighbor of yours and bring all the essentials together at one time as it will benefit you as well as the retailer.

6. Less on Grand Total:-

You should make it a habit to ask for a less on the grand total as well. If you have made a big purchase, the grocers will readily agree for this proposal of yours and you will be able to save a great money of yours like this.


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