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6 Physical Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety

Physical Symptoms of Depression


Depression can be stated as a state of low mood and aversion to activity that affects an individual’s thoughts in an adverse way. Often when we feel neglected, stressed or betray or bullying etc, we get affected from the state of depression. Depression can be a hazard for us really in true senses and thus there comes a need to look for the approaches that can help us get rid of it in a better way by making a diagnosis of it and thus here in this article, we have come up with some symptoms of it that will help you diagnose it in a better way.

6 Physical Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety

6 Physical Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety

1. Feeling of Sadness:-

The patient of Depression is likely to stay sad all the time. Even a joke would not make him smile and he can be seen crying out of no reason in some cases. The patient in this situation sometimes thinks much, but is not able to take a decision for himself and thus stays sad all the time. The patient is easy to get angry in most of the cases.

2. Anxiety:-

Anxiety is a situation in which an individual feels fearful and undetermined. The individual is in a state of deep concern either about his job or the money or any other related such problem in his life and would feel insecure about it. In this situation, the individual will not find himself compatible enough to take decisions and thus remains feared what will happen next.

3. Hopelessness And Helplessness:-

The patient of depression is also likely to stay helpless and hopeless about everything. He will act like there is no hope left for him and even if you will try to help that person, He will talk like there is no hope left for him to live. Added signs of helplessness can be seen in some cases as well.

4. Restlessness:-

The Patient of depression can even experience a state of restlessness in some of the cases and with increasing stage of depression, He will get in grab of diseases like Insomnia in which a person feels completely restless and is not even able to sleep properly at nights.

5. Sense of Guilt:-

Sometimes, a sense of guilt can even be seen in the case of a patient of depression in a way that the patients of depression are sometimes seen trying attempt to suicide. The patient of depression thinks that he is only responsible for everything and there is no hope for him to live. This urge makes him commit suicide much often as he tries to get rid of the sense of guilt by trying to get rid of life.

6. Lack of Decision Making Power:-

The patient of depression is not even able to make decisions on his own and even if he tries to do so, he makes wrong decisions which make him suffer again. The patient of depression often stays fatigued and complaints the cases of aches and pains as well. Sometimes the patient of depression can even be seen begging in front of others in order to get a life or to pay for his sins as he thinks that only he is responsible for all what happened.


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