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6 Most Effective Home Remedy Medicine for Diabetes

Home Remedies for Diabetes


Diabetes can be regarded as a metabolic disorder that causes high blood sugar levels and thus we have to take injections of insulin time to time in order to regulate the level of sugar in out blood. This disease can be a threat to your life as well and thus there comes a need to look for the approaches that help you get rid of this disease which made us go for this article that deals with home remedies for treatment of diabetes at home.

6 Most Effective Home Remedy Medicine for Diabetes

6 Most Effective Home Remedy Medicine for Diabetes

1. Balanced potassium-Sodium level:-

First of all, you are advised to take a diet that is rich in potassium and low in Sodium. Seek for the fruits and vegetables that contain potassium as the main content, but contain very less amount of Sodium in them. You can even choose to put less or no sodium in your salad as well as the other food items in order to achieve this step.

2. Cut down sugar:-

After salts, I will like you to cut down your sugar intake as well. The more sugar you eat, the more you get close to diabetes. You can achieve this step either by self control or you may chose to eat a tasteless diet. At least it will be better than diabetes.

3. Eat fruits and drink fruit juices:-

Leaving sugar was the main thing but you need not worry as your food is still not going to be tasteless as I have spared something for you and it is fruits and fruit juices. These are sweet in taste, but do not lead you to diabetes. These are easy to be added to anybody’s diet and the nutrients in them can be best absorbed by your body.

4. Sugar free products:-

Pharmacy companies have launched new sugar free products these days. You can adopt these sugar free products in your diet. You can even go for sugar free tablets that are sweet in taste, but do not contain any sugar rather. If you wish to eat any sweet dish or sweets, you can get these sugar free tablets added in them for taste rather than choosing to go for sugar to save you against diabetes.

5. Amla:-

Amla and amla based products can be consumed in order to get yourself relieved from diabetes. You can even choose to go for herbal as well as ayurvedic products in order to stay free from the problem of diabetes. Rather amla is easy to be added in everybody’s diet and though ayurvedic treatment is slow but still it is the best treatment amongst all natural treatments that always comes up with positive results.

6. Basil leaves daily:-

Basil is an Indian holy plant with medicinal properties. One of these medicinal properties is to make you free from diabetes and generate immunity in your body against it. Two tulsi leaves a day can help you stay away from diabetes problem. If you still feel the problem of diabetes to take over your health, you can go and meet some health specialist or you may even take injections of insulin time to time in order to keep your blood sugar level regulated.


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