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6 Main Effects of Global Warming on Environment

6 Effects of Global Warming


You must have heard about global warming right? Global warming is causing the increase in earth’s temperature and making it higher day by day. The reason behind this rise in temperature is the atmospheric flooding of carbon. The burning of fossil fuels generates this carbon and thus when the content of carbon gets higher in atmosphere, global warming occurs. The trees are cut down and no other plant is planted in their place. Earth suffers a big disaster and there are much worse consequences of it that I am mentioning here in this article:-

6 Main Effects of Global Warming on Environment

6 Main Effects of Global Warming on Environment

1. Climatic Change:-

First of all, with each coming day if global warming keeps on increasing like this only, Climatic changes will take place. Winters will get shorter day by day and summers will start arriving much early. There will be much cases of illness related death and people will loose their lives because of heat storms. The wood in jungles will get dried up much soon and this will result in forest fires killing almost all the animals. This will happen if we spare some trees, I don’t think trees will survive till the next hundred years if deforestation continues like this only.

2. Extreme Heat Poor Air Quality:-

The air that we breathe in will get full of carbon dioxide and there won’t even be trees to regulate oxygen- CO2 levels. The air will get intense hot day by day and the ozone layer will also keep on depleting day by day increasing our threat of skin cancer and other skin related diseases.

3. World will get deserted:-

The colder areas will start getting warmed up faster and the deserts will get expended in size. The desert storms will get intense and there may be more cases of landslides in mountain areas. The animals including us will die more frequently because of these conditions.

4. Spread of Diseases:-

Obviously with the depletion of Ozone layer and cutting down of trees that act as a natural purifier for the atmosphere, new and chronic diseases are likely to occur and thus the existence of life on earth will come more close to danger with each passing day.

5. Change in Rainfall Patterns:-

Because of the global warming, our rainfall patterns are likely to get changed. Not just rain but the snowfall pattern will also get affected badly. Farmers are also likely to suffer badly because of it in a way that the seasons will get uneven and there will be crop failures much often.

6. Melting of Polar Ice:-

The rise in temperature will cause melting of ice which will add to the water in oceans. Now the water in oceans that is not in the form of ice will start getting hot and it is the behavior of water that it expands when it gets warm and thus it will also add to the levels of water in the sea. When the sea water will rise, the surrounding areas will get flooded the each coming day and this way we will meet our doom because of global warming.


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