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6 Instructions on How to Brush your Teeth Properly

How to Brush your Teeth Properly


Though your teeth stay hidden most of the time, but there is a great need to take care of them as if you don’t maintain a oral health, your teeth get likely to fall down and thus there is a great need to look for the measures that help you to maintain your oral health and keep your teeth healthy. To brush your teeth is one of the best such options that help you maintain oral health in your mouth and thus here we have come with some tips for you to do it in a better way.

6 Instructions on How to Brush your Teeth Properly

6 Instructions on How to Brush your Teeth Properly

1. Choosing A Brush For You:-

The brush that you choose should be flexible enough to go everywhere in your mouth and should have criss-cross bristles. You may even go for a simple parallel bristles brush, but having criss-cross bristles can give you added benefit. You can even choose a brush with tongue cleaner that will give you a plus point and you won’t have to go for a separate tongue cleaner in order to clean your tongue.

2. Adding The Paste:-

When you have chosen a toothbrush for you, you now have to put a favorable amount of toothpaste on it. You can go for herbal toothpaste as well as the ones for sensitive teeth. You just need to press the tooth paste gently as to take just a little amount of it, but it should be enough for your teeth rather.

3. Care While Brushing:-

Now when you have put the toothpaste on your brush, you just need to bring up the brush in your mouth and start brushing. Your should keep on brushing till all your teeth get brushed and foam gets formed. It will take at least five minutes. You have to bring the brush to every corner of your mouth.

4. Rinsing Up Your Mouth:-

Now when the brush had cleaned every corner of your mouth, you just need to switch on the tap of water and do gargle taking some water in your mouth. You have to do continuous 2-3 gargle in order to clear every corner that the paste has reached. You will feel refreshed after this.

5. Look Up If There Is Something Still Left:-

There are basically four types of teeth in your mouth, including the incisors, canines, molar teeth and premolar teeth. The presence of teeth depends largely on your age and you can have gap between them depending on your age as well as health. Look if there is something stuck in between your teeth. If there is something, you can use a toothpick to eject that out or if there are tooth germs, you can consult some doctor as well.

6. Brushing Tips:-

The dental health experts recommend you to brush your teeth at least twice a day. You should go and brush your teeth the first thing in the morning and you should do it the second time before going to bed. This can prevent the formation of cavities in your mouth and may even help you maintain oral health in proper manner.


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