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6 Funny Pranks for Kids – Funny Pranks

6 Funny Pranks for Kids – Funny Pranks


Pranks can be understood as the real life jokes that are performed practically on a person so as to make fun of him, or as a mischief and may even cause embarrassment to someone or may even be practiced to take a revenge as well. These pranks might even be done in a harmless way, avoiding any harm to somebody and in a friendly way. Kids like to do pranks the most and thus here we have come with some pranks that you can bring in practice to make some fun in a harmless way.

6 Funny Pranks for Kids - Funny Pranks

6 Funny Pranks for Kids – Funny Pranks

1. Fake Cake:-

The first prank that you can play on with your friends or relatives is to make a fake cardboard cake or you may make a fake cake using thermocoal or foam or even a real one with some bowel movement arising pills so as to make fun of someone when he or she will not be able to eat that cake or will meet constipations after eating it.

2. Monster and Ghost Masks:-

You can also choose to bring home some monster faced or a ghost faced mask that you can use on your face in order to scare others. You can also choose to wear up some white piece of cloth or some bones like outfit in order to scare others.

3. Urinating Boy:-

You must have seen a urinating boy toy that comes readily available on most of the gift shops that you just need to fill with some water and will sprinkle water from its penis area when someone will take it in hands. You can choose to gift it to someone in order to make fun of him or you may even choose to go for a punch packed with spring in a gift box that can help you make fun of somebody.

4. Fake Lizards and Cockroaches:-

There are some plastic lizards and cockroaches available in markets that are made of plastic, but look as an actual insect or lizard is sitting on the floor. These can be glued to any surface and can be used as a prank toy to scare others. Simply fix these prank toys somewhere on the places like TV or study table, etc. in order to scare other people with it. If you are planning to scare some girl, fake cockroaches might be the best option.

5. Inked Towel:-

You can also choose to put some ink in the towel that is put near the wash basin so as to make fun of others. Who so ever will use that towel after washing the face, He or she will get inked on face and hands. You can also choose to add some ink in the water tank as well.

6. Paint Boxes Up The Door:-

If you are planning to take some serious revenge from a worst enemy of yours, you can choose to put some paint boxes up the main entry gate tied up with the threads that will fall on the victim when he or she opens up the gate and this way he so she will get painted and your revenge will be fulfilled in a prank based way.


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