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6 Easy Ways To Get Paid Apps For Free

How To Get Paid Apps For Free


While using any application market, we find some applications asking us for our credit card or VISA card in order to make payment transactions to purchase them. Some other applications are limited in one way or the other to make the user purchase its features for unlimited usage. Actually, this cost is taken for development purposes for any application, but you can also manage to get these applications for free adopting some simple tricks and tips that we are mentioning here.

6 Easy Ways To Get Paid Apps For Free

6 Easy Ways To Get Paid Apps For Free

1. Get The Application From An Internet Based Website:-

I am using the Alien Shooter game on my android phone which is placed on the Google playstore for a specific cost, but I have downloaded it from an internet based website which did not require me to pay any charge for its download or usage. You can also do the same in order to get paid apps for free.

2. Get it from a Friend:-

Suppose you watch a paid application in some of your friend or relative’s phone or device, you can easily get a copy of it to your phone by backing it up on the user’s device and sending that backed up application file to your own device. The backed up file sent to your device can then be installed in order to use it free of cost.

3. Complete the Offers to Get Applications For Free:-

There are also some websites on the internet which offer you download of a specific paid application by performing some survey job or watching video advertisements for them. This is called affiliate marketing. The advisers pay these websites for every video that you watch and thus in return, they enable you to download the specific applications free of cost.

4. Get It through The Free Application of the Week:-

Even Google Playstore and other application markets keep on coming with discount offers and free of cost offers for downloading a specific application. You simply need to keep on checking the offers provided by such application markets in order to take the advantage of free applications or else you can try out the trial versions offered in the same application market for the same application.

5. Try Some Other Substitute:-

There are a variety of application store substitutes available in the market these days. One of these is Softonic website and the other is Amazon underground application. One application which may be available on paid prices on one application store might be available free of cost on the other and thus you can save your money switching to some other application store.

6. Getjar:-

The independent android applications like Getjar stand and make their way out of the Android Playstore and it keeps on coming with offers based on free applications as well as offers to download them for free. You can also try Google opinion rewards to make payment for your applications getting them for free or you may simply start working for some online website which offers you free applications for working with them.


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