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6 Easy Ways to Afford an iPhone

How to Afford an iPhone


An iPhone is one of the best products released from the house of The Apple Inc. Company, which is famous for quality mobiles and other devices that makes your schedule really easy and life worthy. Often the Apple products are expensive and this takes lots of bucks out of your pockets to purchase them. Talking about India, these days an old model of iPhone is sold in market for as low as ten thousand rupees and for a new model it may cost you more than fifty thousand rupees to purchase it. A sum, as large as this is sometimes felt unaffordable if you are hired on a low-paid job and in order to make this purchase possible for yourself, you can follow these simple tips to make an iPhone affordable for yourself:-

6 Easy Ways to Afford an iPhone

6 Easy Ways to Afford an iPhone

1. Choose Your iPhone Model:-

First of all decide your budget and money value available with you. Choose the model and memory specification of your iPhone. There are some models of iPhone that if purchased with a less memory specification, cost you somewhat less amount and thus if you have got less money with you, you can choose such variant for yourself.

2. Start Making Small Savings:-

If you have got a very small sum of amount with yourself and you wish to purchase a costly version of Apple iPhone, start saving money from today. If you save money from your daily expenses like travelling fare, tea fare etc. soon you will have a big balance saved with yourself.

3. Open an R.D (Recurrent Deposit) Account:-

If you are able to save 100-200 or more rupees from your monthly expenses, you can also open an yearly recurrent deposit account which will also fetch you an interest on deposited sum amount after one year and that time you will be able to bring that money in use for purchasing your phone.

4. Get a Second Hand iPhone:-

If still you are not able to make enough savings for your desired version of your iPhone, you can get a refurbished or an old and used version of iPhone for yourself from some second hand stuff selling website like Olx or Quickr etc. This will enable you to make bargain in the price and sideways, you will be able to make a perfect choice for yourself.

5. Compromise on Small Expenses to Save Money for This Big Expanse:-

You can try out compromising on small small expenses of your daily needs to save a bit more to finally get an iPhone for yourself. You can also manage to avail online discount offers offered by various online shopping websites for this purpose.

6. Get Your iPhone:-

Now, finally when you have deposited enough money with you or when you have got enough options available with you to reduce your phone’s cost, you can easily afford an iPhone for yourself. Remember to beware of duplicacy prevailing in market on the name of iPhones and choose only genuine phone for yourself.


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