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6 Easy Steps to Kill a Snake

How to Kill a Snake


Snakes are the organisms that do not have paws or legs or hands to move and hence these move by crawling. These move even faster in water and often prove to be poisonous for humans. It is believed that the snake poison is comes amongst the most venomous poisons of the world and thus there is a great need to look for the approaches to kill it so as to get rid of it and prevent loss of life. This can be done following some simple tips that I am mentioning here.

6 Easy Steps to Kill a Snake

6 Easy Steps to Kill a Snake

1. Don’t Go Much Close:-

In order to kill a snake, you are advised not to get much close if it is big in size like that of a Cobra or a rattle snake and instead you may choose to take some strong and thick wood sheet so as to get it crushed under that. You may make use of some bamboo stick or any iron bar as well.

2. Take Something Heavy So As To Crush It Under That:-

You may also choose to throw some massive piece of stone from a height so as to crush the snake under it and make it get killed this way. I will rather advise you to do that from a distance as the massive snakes like cobras may not leave you even at a height.

3. When The Snake Starts Dodging You:-

In case of some snakes it has been seen that the snake starts dodging you if you try to kill it and the snake killing campaign proves to take your life this way. If the snake starts dodging you, try to run in a spiral or circular way rather than the straight, way as the snake may catch you easily if you try to run straight.

4. For Small Snakes:-

In case of the small snakes, you may choose to flush them off easily with water, but beware as the snakes are awesome swimmers. You are advised to make use of any pressure source of water like a submersible pump that emits huge volumes of water in a single go.

5. Call Snake Charmers Instead:-

If you want to go safe so as to get rid of the snakes, you may even choose to call a snake charmer. He will make use of a musical mouth based instrument and drag that snake away. These snake charmers are specialized to attract the snakes with the voice of their musical instrument and catch them after entrapping them so as to make you get rid of them in an easy way. If the snake charmer is not available, you may even call some zoo department or animal control department so as to get rid of it in as better way.

6. Acid To Make It Get Burnt:-

If there is no way except to kill that snake, you may choose to burn it up throwing some concentrate acid on it that will make it get burnt in an easy way, but remember to use safety measures as the concentrated acids are dangerous for your skin as well.


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