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6 Easiest Way to Learn How to Drive a Car

Learn How to Drive a Car


A car can be regarded as a luxury four wheeler means of transport that makes our lifestyle easy and lavish as well. Wherever you want to travel, you can reach the place within minutes using this means of transport and thus there comes a need to look for the approaches that can help us learn driving it in a better way and thus here we have come with some tips for you that will help you learn how to drive a car in a better and easy way.

6 Easiest Way to Learn How to Drive a Car

6 Easiest Way to Learn How to Drive a Car

1. Get Aware:-

First of all, I will advise you to get aware about the system of your car. When you insert key in the key hole, The lighting system of the car would come in operation. The car can’t move till now. There is a hand break at your left side behind the gearbox that you will need to put off first of all. Now rotate the key once again and leave it. Your car would get started, but still it won’t move though you can switch on the video player, air conditioner etc.

2. “A,B,C” of Car Driving:-

Your car would have three pedals at your leg side. The first one from right is the accelerator, the middle one is brake and the left one is clutch. You will find gear panel at the left hand side gap near your seat where the hand brake is situated. The gear can be used to switch up the speed levels. The hand brake can be used while parking and you can use accelerator along with the clutch to accelerate the car forwards. There will be a steering wheel in the front that will help you rotate the car’s direction.

3. Starting the car:-

Now, while starting a car, you will first need to put off the parking brake. press the clutch, and slowly leave your leg’s grip on it while keeping your other leg on the accelerator to apply pressure to it slowly in order to move car forward. There will be switches for indicators, side wiper, headlights, etc. in the front, and you can play the horn by simply pushing the upper portion of the steering wheel.

4. Getting Ahead:-

Now, as you leave the clutch and accelerate the car, It will start moving ahead. You can switch the numeral gears in order to take the car ahead and if you wish to get it back, you can switch to the reverse gear. If you wish to take the car in non moving mode, You can switch to the neutral gear.

5. Maintaining a safe distance:-

Learn to drive the car first of all in an isolated area. Take some experienced friend of yours for added precaution to start practicing. Try to maintain a safe distance from the others while driving. Apply clutch where you want to shift speed along with gear and go for the break when needed.

6. Added driving tips:-

You are advised to take proper care of your car. Get the coolant changed when needed and bring the car for servicing after the requisite decided time. Keep on checking the breaking system as well as battery, oil and filters. Maintain proper cleanliness in your car for added pleasure while driving and practice more and more for your continuous betterment.


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