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6 Best Ways to Treat Serious Dehydration at Home

How to Treat Dehydration at Home


Dehydration is a state of a person in which the fluid volume of the body gets reduced and the person loses all the water in his body and hence feels diseased. This problem is likely to make you suffer badly if it happens to you, it can make your metabolism irregular as well and thus there comes a need to look for the approaches that help you overcome this problem in a smart manner and thus we are explaining some simple ways to stay hydrated in this article.

6 Best Ways to Treat Serious Dehydration at Home

6 Best Ways to Treat Serious Dehydration at Home

1. Fruit Juice:-

First of all I will like to recommend you fruit juice, Fruit juice mainly consists of fluid and nutrients added in it and let me tell you that fluid nutrients are best absorbed in body. The main component of this juice is water and thus it can help you a lot in order to stay hydrated as well.

2. Lemonade:-

Lemonade or lemon based drinks can help you a lot to stay hydrated. You can go for lemon based drinks rather. Just add some lemon to a glass of water, add salt to taste and add sugar and then stir it well. This solution can help you a lot in order to keep your body hydrated and prevent dehydration.

3. O.R.S:-

O.R.S or Oral Rehydration Solution is a remedy that can be obtained from any medical store or health care centre that is especially created to prevent dehydration and you just need to purchase its packet, add it in water and drink it up. This helps you keep your body hydrated and relieves you from dehydration. You can even choose to add glucose to it.

4. Fruits and vegetables:-

Just like fruit juice, fruits and vegetables also can help you stay hydrated. Fruits like watermelon or the vegetables like carrot or tomato, etc. are basically made up of water only and when you eat them , your daily fluid needs get fulfilled and you get hydrated and thus you can include these in your diet in order to relieve yourself from dehydration. Extract some onion juice, along with coriander juice and drink it up if you feel any case of dehydration related sickness. It will help you get relieved soon.

5. Drink More And More Water:-

The next thing that I will advice you to stay immune against dehydration is to drink more and more water. You are advice to drink at least two liters of water everyday in order to stay hydrated and thus you can gulp up water when you feel thirsty in order to stay hydrated and prevent dehydration.

6. Coconut Water:-

Coconut contains water that is tasty as well as rich in nutrients and minerals. If you feel that sun is making you go dehydrated, you can stop at the nearest coconut seller and ask him to give you a coconut with pipe put in it that you can drink, quench your thirst and fulfill the hydration needs of your body. You can even drink the other products like yoghurt or milk or curd etc in order to keep yourself hydrated as they are also having water as the main content in them.


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