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6 Best Ways to Deep Clean the Refrigerator

How to Clean Refrigerator


A refrigerator can be regarded as a home appliance that uses electric power to keep our vegetables and fruits, cold and we can store things in it to prevent them from getting spoiled or deteriorated. Refrigerators are present in approximately every home in today’s world and help us a lot to preserve drinks, juices, cut vegetables, etc. It can also be used to make ice and ice creams and thus it is a multi-purpose home appliance. With increasing need of it there comes a need to look for the approaches that can help us clean it in a better way and thus here we have come with some tips for you to clean it up in a better way following some tips that I am mentioning.

6 Best Ways to Deep Clean the Refrigerator

6 Best Ways to Deep Clean the Refrigerator

1. Cleaning Up The Ice Portion:-

In order to clean up the refrigerator, You will need to take the ice tray out after switching off the refrigerator and then get the ice out of them and clean them up with the help of some dish wash liquid and scrub. Place them at the specific place in your kitchen that you use for drying out the utensils. Clean up the excess ice deposited in this portion.

2. Cleaning Up The Bottle Window:-

There is a window in every fridge where we keep our bottles of juice, water, milk, etc. Take these bottles out, clean them if needed and then clean up the empty bottle window. The place where you keep eggs can be cleaned as well. You just need to take a dry cloth and clean up the surface with it.

3. Cleaning Up The Vegetables Outlet:-

There is a vegetable outlet at the lower portion of every fridge where we keep salad vegetables like lemon, spinach, bottle gourd etc. that are feared to be spoiled if we keep them outside. You can manage to keep these things out for a while and then clean this vegetable outlet with the help of cloth in your hands. You can use some good stain remover if there are stains anywhere.

4. Cleaning Up The Gauzes:-

There are certain wire gauzes placed in every refrigerator that add to the placing capacity of the fridge by dividing it in separate portions. Get all the stuff out of these gauzes and clean them one by one. You can use apply some dish wash bar and wipe clean it with a scrub if needed.

5. Cleaning Up The Outer Cabinet:-

Now when the every add on in the fridge has got clean, You can choose to clean the outer cabinet as well as the inner cabinet that remains. You can clean it up with some good stain remover or you may simply sprinkle some water with help of spray bottle and then wipe it off with some dry cloth.

6. Cleaning Up The Stains Inside If Any:-

If there are any type of stains that are stubborn enough to be removed, You can choose to remove them applying some lemon juice drops to that area and then the entire refrigerator can be wiped off with a dry cloth. You can assemble everything back in it.


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