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6 Best Home Remedies to Kill Fleas on Dogs and Cats

Home Remedies to Kill Fleas on Dogs and Cats


Fleas can really be a trouble sometimes if a check is not maintained and a regulation is not maintained over them. You should keep on checking the number of fleas in your surroundings and apply all the measures to get rid of them. If nothing works, you can manage to start a war against fleas and kill every flea that you find in your surroundings and thus here we are explaining some of the ways for you that will help you kill fleas in a better manner.

6 Best Home Remedies to Kill Fleas on Dogs and Cats

6 Best Home Remedies to Kill Fleas on Dogs and Cats

1. Hand Plucking:-

The first approach that you can use is to go for the physical searching and plucking. Just get your hands out of your pet’s hair searching for the fleas and pick them with a plucker the moment you find one. This can be an irksome job as fleas pierce the body of your pets sucking their blood and thus it might prove to be a pain for your pet while you are doing so. Bury every flea deep in the ground after killing it.

2. Iron brushing:-

Separate iron brushes can be purchased from the market that you can use on your pet from time to time after making them bath. This brush is specialized to eliminate all the dust and fleas that your pet’s body suffers from. Keep a plucker along while you are doing so as in case you find any case of fleas that are not able to be removed with brushing, you can pluck it off.

3. Lemon bath:-

Squeeze two three lemon and take out the juice. Put it in the water that you are using to wash your pet or you may even find out the place where the flea resides and put the juice directly at that place. Fleas will die like this as this juice is not favorable to them. You can even go for vinegar as it can even help you get rid of fleas.

4. Food habits:-

You can find some eatables like cedar chips on the pet food shop, these chips are favorable to the dogs etc. but are not favorable to the fleas. The moment cedar chips are kept near your dog, the fleas will leave the body and find somewhere else to live as the smell of these chips is pungent to the fleas.

5. Vacuum elimination:-

You can even seek to go for the vacuum elimination approach. This involves the usage of an electric vacuum cleaner to eliminate the fleas. The fleas from your mats and mattresses get spanked off to the vacuum cleaner bag that can later on be removed and the dirt can be put off in the dust bin.

6. Insecticides:-

There are some insecticides available in the markets these days that can help you a lot when sprayed in your surroundings. Spraying these chemicals in your surroundings kills all the fleas and other pests and the environment around you gets free of such insects. You can even go for the insect killing sprays that once sprayed kill all the pests.


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