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6 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea for your Health

Health Benefits of Green Tea


Green tea is obtained from the leaves of Camellia Sinesis plant that also gives black tea, but the black tea is an Oxidized form of green tea. Green tea is an unoxidated form of black tea and hence is power packed with essential nutrients that proves to be an awesome choice for all in terms of health benefits some of which are as follows:-

6 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea for your Health

6 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea for your Health

1. Improve Brain Functioning:-

Those who drink green tea on a regular basis are said to have their brain function in a better way. Drinking green tea helps to make you even smarter, just take a sip and take decisions in a better way. Keep working with green tea intervals to relax while working in a smart manner. Green tea does not let the brain get slower in old age and maintains its functioning even with the growing age.

2. Easily Burns Fat:-

The best thing I liked about green tea is that it makes our body fats burn even faster. No need to shed your sweat in a sauna or to work out in a gym, you just need to sip a cup of green tea on a regular basis to burn the pre accumulated harmful fats in your body. Those who seek to lose their weight should try sipping green tea on a regular basis.

3. Protect You Against Various Diseases:-

If you sip a cup of green tea on a regular basis, you are likely to be immune against the diseases including Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease etc. Drinking green tea regularly kills the harmful bacteria in your body and keep you free from bacterial diseases also. Drinking green tea can help you recover bacterial infections and get relieved from various forms of cancer, including breast cancer and prostate cancer also. Green tea is said to improve your physical performance and keep you even more active than the others. The patients of diarrhea, vomiting, headache or migraine are advice to sip green tea in order to relieve them to some extent.

4. Lower The Cholesterol Levels:-

Excess levels of cholesterol in your body can make your heart week. Green tea contains low cholesterol, and helps you make your body immune against heart attacks. It has been proven in a survey that those who drink green tea on a regular basis have a healthy heart free from any sort of heart borne diseases.

5. Make You Free of Diabetes:-

It has been seen that people suffer diabetes much often and those who are not able to regulate the levels of sugar in their blood have to take the injections of insulin in order to stay diabetes free. Those who drink green tea regularly stay free of diabetes as it makes them immune against it.

6. Treats Cardiovascular Diseases:-

It has been seen in a study that drinking green tea makes you immune against various cardiovascular diseases. Those who drink green tea are said to live longer than the ones not doing so. Not just the cardiovascular diseases, but green tea proves helpful in treating various stomach disorders also.


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