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6 Beauty Tips on Puffy Eyes Treatment

Beauty Tips on Puffy Eyes


Puffy eyes refers to the swollen or rounded eyes which look like they are just about to burst. When you have puffy eyes, it makes you feel like a kind of frustrated and you are not able to concentrate on your work. To have puffy eyes is one of the most common beauty problems these days. Eyes become puffy due to a variety of reasons like excessive crying, excessive physical stress, genetics, dermatitis, hormonal changes, hangovers etc. and even a lack of sleep is likely to result in making your eyes puffy sometimes. In order to cure this problem of eyes, you can add these simple and basic home remedies to your schedule which are proven, accepted and tried for years by people.

6 Beauty Tips on Puffy Eyes Treatment -  HowFlux

6 Beauty Tips on Puffy Eyes Treatment

1. Drink Water and Splash Your Eyes with It:-

In order to get relief against puffiness of eyes, the very first habit that you should adopt daily in the morning is to drink a planet of water and splash your eyes daily with it. This adds to the moisture content of your eyes and makes them get hydrated enough to fight against the puffiness.

2. Slice A Cucumber And Place It On Your Eyes:-

Cucumber is ninety percent rich in water and thus it can really help your eyes in order to stay hydrated. Simply slice off a cucumber into thin slices and then use a few of them to be placed on your eyes to make them able to fight puffiness. This will provide a soothing effect to your eyes and you can keep on resting while placing the cucumber slices on your eyes for a while.

3. Slice A Potato And Place It On Your Eye:-

Just like cucumber, potato is also rich in the content of water and thus it can also help you to hydrate your eyes. The slices of potato if places on the eyes can make puffiness get treated quickly. Follow the same procedure as I told you to follow in the case of cucumber slices and it will sort out the problem of puffiness of your eyes.

4. Cold Milk Cotton Pad:-

Place some milk in the refrigerator and let it get cooled. Now take it out and place some cotton pads in it. Let the cotton pads soak enough water in them and then apply those cotton pads on your eyes to gain some relief. Practicing this habit daily will make you get relieved against puffiness of the eyes.

5. Cold Tea Bags:-

Soak tea bags in cold water and then place two of them on your eyes while keeping them closed. This will save your eyes against puffiness. If it feels like something got collected under your eyes, this might be the problem of bags under eyes instead of puffiness. Watch out first and then go for the treatment.

6. Apply Some Astringent And Try To Sleep:-

Another way to get rid of the puffiness of the eyes is to apply some astringent liquid on the affected area after dipping it in a cotton ball while keeping the eyes closed. Try to sleep if you have not slept since a long time as even sleeplessness can cause puffiness in some cases.


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