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5 Ways to Find my IP Address in Windows

How to Find my IP Address


I.P Address means Internet Protocol Address and as everybody has got its unique name, every computer and its network has a unique I.P address. It is basically numerical label assigned to each device participating in a computer network that uses this protocol for communication. For security and location purposes, This I.P. Address plays a very important and vital role and thus in this article we are up with some ways to find a system’s I.P address some of which are as follows:-

5 Ways to Find my IP Address in Windows

5 Ways to Find my IP Address in Windows

1. To Know Your I.P Address Online:-

The first method to know your system’s I.P address is to know it online. You can simply type I.P address in a tab of your browser after opening www.google.com or www.bing.com and check it. If you are connected on a better network, your browser will itself show you the I.P address. The I.P. Address marks the location of your system on a local network and external I.P. Address which is I.P address of the internal connection.

2. Simple Offline Way To Find I.P Address of Windows XP:-

Windows XP is basically the same as windows 2007 in looks and you just need to press window key + “R”, run tab will open and you have to type “cmd” in small letters in it. The box of command prompt will open. You can write “i.p.config” in it. This way the ten digit I.P. address will be shown to you. It will be like i.e.

3. Simple Offline Ways To Find I.P Address of Windows 8X:-

When you are using a computer or a laptop with Windows 8 xs installed in it, you can check its I.P address offline by following this simple way. Just open the win-r and enter command prompt. When you have entered the command prompt, you just have to enter “Ipconfig”, this way your I.P address will get listed.

4. Simple Offline Way To Find The I.P Address of Windows 7:-

Start the computer or laptop and Enter “ALL PROGRAMS” and then click on the “ACCESSORIES” submenu and enter the “command prompt” and enter “ipconfig” in it. Your I.P address will get displayed. You can even go for Mac OS x and follow the same procedure with it.  With the Mac OS X devices, you can click the view menu and then click the “network” properties. The I.P address will get displayed.

5. How To Recognize Your I.P Address:-

An I.P address is a 10 digit number separated by four parts with a decimal symbol. The internet service provider assigns it. There is an I.P address associated with the router also. You just need to open a web page interface by entering router’s I.P address into the browser of your computer set or device. Now you just need to check the router status, which will depict you the location of external I.P address. This external I.P address differs from one router to the other. Now under the internet port or the internet I.P address section in the router status menu or WAN page, you will find the I.P address to be listed.


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