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5 Ways to Apply Lipstick Perfectly Like a Pro

How to Apply Lipstick


A lipstick is a kind of make-up essential which is used to make your lips look presentable and appealing. It is basically a cosmetic product which contains pigments of oils, waxes, emollients along with a color that provides protection, texture, glossy effect and color to your lips. Women spend much out of their pockets on this product as it really makes them look wonderful. With these special advantages of a lipstick, there is also a special way of applying it. If you apply a lipstick in a perfect way, it can really make you the shining star of every party.

5 Ways to Apply Lipstick Perfectly Like a Pro

5 Ways to Apply Lipstick Perfectly Like a Pro

1. Choose the Right Kind of Lipstick:-

A perfect choice is always important when we are talking about applying a lipstick. These days, many duplicates brands are also trying to make space for themselves in the name of genuine products and thus you should double check the product purchased. Secondly comes the choice of perfect shade and thirdly comes the brand of lipstick that you choose. Keep in mind all these three factors while purchasing a lipstick for you. You should also double check the kind of lip balm or outliner or a gloss or concealer that you purchase for this purpose. Some cosmetic shops, even keep spare samples of lipstick with them to enable you to try them at the shop and then make a choice choosing the best one out of them.

2. Application of Lip Balm Prior From Applying a Lipstick:-

Before applying a lipstick on your lips, you can apply a bit of lip balm to make your lips get even. When you apply lip balm on your lips, your lips get a bit soft and even the application of lipstick goes easy. Lip balms are especially designed to make your lips go attractive and you can apply them even when you are not putting on the lipstick.

3. Outline Your Lips:-

After the application of lip balm finishes, you can start outlining your lips. An outline will help you to get an idea of the boundary till where your lipstick is to reach. Do not cross the outline while applying the lipstick and your lips will go perfect like anything. For this purpose you should sit in front of the mirror first. Now use an outliner to make outline with the boundary of your lips. The better goes the outline, the better your lips keep on getting.

4. Finally a Touch of Lipstick:-

Apply the lipstick now holding it between your fingers in a slight way. Do not force lipstick on your lips and instead take your time to apply it. Keep the lipstick limited to boundary that you had made with the outliner and give it a finishing touch afterwards. Double check your lips looking and admiring them in the mirror to avoid make-up malfunction.

5. Gloss and Concealer:-

To keep the color prevented from smearing, a touch of concealer is a good idea. You can also choose some good gloss to add effect to the lipstick.


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