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5 Tips To Make Your Study More Effective

5 Tips To Make Your Study More Effective


Hello friends, today i was just going through my books and trying to prepare for the upcoming exams. I thought of recalling and revising the topics i had gone through earlier, so i did open my revisionary notes and started to revise. But what happened to me was really shocking! I was a bright student in my school time and i could remember each and every thing by just going through it just once but today when i was revising the topics i had studied last week where not there in my mind. I was feeling very bad as if how can i recall the matter and stuff in my mind until the exams. Because the syllabus is too much and you do not have time to through it again and again. Many of you must be sailing in the same boat, right? So here i have certain tips that can help you a lot in studying and can make your studies more effective.

5 Tips To Make Your Study More Effective

5 Tips To Make Your Study More Effective

1. Take It As A Interest Not A Liability:-

I remember the days when i was a kid and my father used to teach me. He always asked me that take interest in your studies and read them. I did not care that time but now i know it works. We should always study something as if we are going to know something new, as if we want to know what that author wants to say and means. We should always go for the real reasoning and the deep meaning that is hidden inside those monster books. If you understand what you have read then you will never forget it because you have understood it but cramming! No, it does not works at all. You will just remember for a couple of days but after that everything will vanish. So whenever you want to study do not do it by force just do it because you have interest in it

2. Concentrate And Study, Otherwise Not:-

Concentration is the only key to unlock the closed doors of your mind and lead you to reach and climb the ladder to success. Whatever you do just do it by heart. Put your heart and soul in to it and you will see what results you are getting now as compared to your old habits. Concentration lets you understand the matter and stuff and it stores it in your mind. The lines or paragraphs you go through will be stored in some corners of your brain and you will recall it when you want by putting a little bit of pressure on to it. I do not suggest you to study whole day but i suggest you that when ever you study( say 10-15 minutes even) do it by heart and concentration.

3. Create an environment to study:-

One of the foremost things to be done before studying is creating an active environment that will boost you to study. Do not just stand up and fetch your books to study. No do not do that. Develop an environment that can help you in studying not hinder your performance.

  • have a cool and calm place to study.
  • clear your mind before fetching your books.
  • gather all the stuff you need to study.
  • remove all the watches from your study room.

4. Make notation:-

I do not exactly remember but i have read some where that writing something helps you remember it. The era is of technology and we use our gadgets to scribble the stuff but science says that when you use pen and paper to write something, you write slow then you think in your mind. It orders your mind to think forward while writing as a result of which it remains in your mind and your brain focuses more on those words more to keep then in your mind to pace up with writing and thinking.

5. Use charts and diagrams:-

During my exam days i was feeling a bit low and i was not able to concentrate properly so i was just watching some motivational stuff in my laptop then i came to know that our brain remember things in the form of pictures. It happens many a times that we do not know some answer but we do remember that it is present on this page and picture around that answer. So try to focus on summing up the things and use charts and diagrams to have an effective study.

I hope this helps. All the best!


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