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5 Tips on How to Become a Judge

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A Judge is a government professional who deals with the judgment of cases. These may include the cases of murder, assassinations, political crime, dowry, rape, bribe, domestic violence, and child labor, abolition of the human rights, trying to spread terror, theft or any other such case that needs a fair judgment. The Judge has to be quite fair and true while hearing both the parts of a case and then makes the judgment after hearing both the parts of a case. This proves to be a job of justice and in case you need to become a Judge, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

5 Tips on How to Become a Judge

5 Tips on How to Become a Judge

1. Get the Basic Knowledge and Complete the Schooling:-

First of all, complete the basic schooling and that too with good marks so as to make a way for yourself in some law college to pursue the bachelor’s degree in law. The best suiting stream for this purpose is the arts stream, but you can even choose to make a way for yourself to become a judge through the other streams as well.

2. Get Admitted To Some Law Based Bachelors Degree:-

After the basic schooling gets completed, you are advised to go for an entrance test depending on your area to get admitted to some law college in order to pursue the bachelor in law degree. This will prove to be a foundation stone for you to make a career as a judge. Complete this degree and go for the master’s degree if you need to do that else starts practicing as a lawyer.

3. Make Practice under Some Professional Lawyer:-

A good judge has to be a good lawyer first of all and for this purpose you will need to assist some barrister. When you assist the barrister, he will make you undergo some cases that will be enough to take a good lawyer out of you. The practice of law this way will make you a professional lawyer, and then you can take cases of your own. Regarding the judgment procedure, in some areas, it is a rule that you get promoted from a lawyer to judge if you complete the experience limits decided by the government bodies for this purpose.

4. Go for the Practice in Judgment:-

After you get the experience that is needed to become a judge, you may start a practice as judge in some local court where you are appointed and the way you take your cases will prove to be the uplifting milestone afterwards. You may even choose to go for applying various govt. related posts of judgment afterwards as well.

5. Make Fair Judgments Afterwards:-

Simply becoming the judge is not just the required thing, but your judgment will speak how far your career in judgment goes. Never see some case in a biased way and instead see every aspect of a case fairly and then make a judgment afterwards. The better cases have been solved by you, the better progress will be made by you and thus this way your career as a judge will be accomplished.


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