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5 Steps to Format your Desktop Computer Windows 7

How to Format Computer Windows 7


Sometimes it becomes necessary for the user to format the device. The lack of knowledge makes them format all the drivers, but I will like to tell you that in order to format windows, you need not format all the drivers and instead you can go format the C driver of your system and hence in this article I am explaining you the procedure to format it.

5 Steps to Format your Desktop Computer Windows 7

5 Steps to Format your Desktop Computer Windows 7

1. Take A Back Up:-

When you format the data on your device, it is likely to get lost after you format it, but there are some files and applications that you might need in future. They may be the image files, video files or they may even be music or program me application files or other stuff. Taking a backup will enable you use the data again when you need it.

2. Formatting The Computer:-

When you are about to format the system , you will need an installation disk for it and let me tell you whenever you install windows again in a system, the system gets formatted. The thing that you need to do now is to install the windows installation disk in your system and turn off the device. The computer will reboot and the installation disk will be read by it. The system will power on and formatting will begin.

3. Agree With The License Agreement:-

After the operation begins, you will have to press the requisite key in order to continue. The installation wizard will appear and then you will have to select your language and click on the “next” button and agree to the License agreement. Make the necessary fulfillment and choose the drive you want to format. The formatting will start and the current data on your drive will get erased. The system will display you a message when erasing of the drives gets finished.

4. Reinstalling The Windows:-

The next step that you have to perform is to install new windows on your system. After the formatting completes, you have to click the “Next” option and the installation process will then start.
Enter the requisite information needed for your computer. To format the windows and reinstall them again is the best way to format your computer. Some people are not able to encounter too much viruses in their computer, they can even get benefited by formatting the windows and reinstalling it again.

5. Bring The Back Up In Use:-

The files that you had saved as a backup earlier can now be bought in use. You can save the baked up files after scanning them through anti-virus. Install the new software’s and enjoy the new like experience of your device.


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