5 Steps to Change the Password of Atm Card

How To Change ATM Password


ATM is a card that we insert in the ATM electronic machine so as to make transactions related with money. This card empowers us to take any time money from the dedicated machine booths where we simply need to swipe our ATM card and the transactions are made this way. The more comfort it provides us, the more we choose to make use of it but there is always a risk of cyber fraud if your pin number gets revealed to someone and thus there is a great need to keep on changing it time to time so as to get privacy maintained with it and thus here in this article we are explaining the exact way to do it for you.

5 Steps to Change the Password of Atm Card

5 Steps to Change the Password of Atm Card

1. Insert The Card:-

In order to change your ATM password, you will need to insert your ATM first of all to the dedicated place for it and then take it back after five seconds, The welcome screen will appear after your account gets opened. Click the banking button and then choose your account type if it is current account or a saving account. Enter your current pin if it asks you.

2. Choose the Change Pin Option:-

After you get the options on the screen, one of the options will depict you an option to change your password. You will need to enter your current password as well as the new password to do so. After you enter the new password and click OK. The password will get changed this way.

3. Take The Receipt of Transaction:-

After your password gets successfully changed, you will need to collect the transaction receipt from the dedicated place for it and you can check it, it will read the transaction made as password changed. You can choose to check the progress made by entering your ATM in the dedicated place for it again and then entering your ATM pin that you changed.

4. Try To Check The Progress Made:-

If the password had been changed successfully, It will open up your account after entering the new password, but even if it still does not opens up, you can choose to enter the old password, It will get opened or if you had a mistake, your account will have got locked that will either open up in next 24 hours or you will need to reach the concerned bank authorities so as to get it unlocked.

5. After the Password Gets Changed:-

If your password has got changed and your account screen has got displayed, you can choose to enquire the cash balance in your account by getting the mini statement or you may even choose to go for making the cash withdrawal from it. You are free to use your ATM the way you want now, but remember not to tell your ATM pin to anyone.


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