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5 Steps How to Fix Blue Screen of Death

How to Fix Blue Screen of Death


The blue screen of death refers to the blue screen with no picture or words representation on it that the window users experience sometimes. Even I experienced this situation with my windows computer a few days back, but it automatically rebooted after a while and the things got sorted but sometimes the reboot makes the situation worse with no image or text available to be seen and thus in such a situation there comes a need to repair this blue screen of death in a better way and if you are experiencing the same, you may choose to follow the tips that we are mentioning here.

5 Steps How to Fix Blue Screen of Death Instantly - HowFlux

5 Steps How to Fix Blue Screen of Death

1. Put the Computer on Booting:-

First of all, you will need to put up the computer on booting mode. I deal with countless computers daily and thus I can say that blue screen of death will automatically follow booting and if it does not happens, try putting the computer on safe boot mode. If unable to boot in safe mode, the window files must have got corrupt which resulted in the blue screen being shown to you.

2. Technical Error:-

In some cases, a technical error may also cause you a blue screen of death. There was a friend of mine who borrowed a C.P.U from me for one month to complete some I.T based job work. Now while carrying the C.P.U to his home in the tree wheeler, the shaking and trembling of the machine because of the speedy moving vehicle resulted in some technical malfunctioning that we later on had to call a mechanic to get it repaired.

3. Sometimes Even Due To a Faulty Wire Line:-

Sometimes either during the transportation from one place to other or sometimes due to the wear and tear of the C.P.U wirings, it is likely that the computer may show a blue screen of death. Simply check if all the wirings are made properly or not. Whenever this happens to me, I simply plug off the hard disk wire and position it back. The computer gets back to normal after I practice this step with it.

4. Virus Scan If the Computer restarts somehow:-

If the 3rd step makes you restart your computer somehow, make sure to go for a virus scan and clear the temporary files from computer as it might even be a result of some error with the hard disk. Simply make sure to go for an antivirus scan and then go to the “Run” option in the “START” menu.

Enter the keywords like “ tree” “prefetch” “%temp%” & “ temp” in the respective text field and click enter. The temporary files will be shown to you. Delete all these. Clear off all the viruses from your computer if scan shows you the negative results as one of the reason of blue screen of death are even the viruses.

5. Get The Ram Chip Undone And Clean It Up To Fix Again:-

Another common reason for the blue screen of death to be shown is a faulty RAM hip or slightly misplaced RAM chip. Sometimes due to any sudden shaking or wear and tear with time, the RAM chip either starts misbehaving or it gets slightly misplaced from the actual position. In such cases, simply take the RAM chip out, replace it if it is tempered or else position it back after cleaning it with cloth, your computer will start working again.


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