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5 Step by Step Instructions to Install Windows XP with CD

How to Install Windows XP From CD


Windows XP is a version of windows that comes in a list of Microsoft’s top most operating systems widely used even today. The usage platform is simple and good and you can easily access everything on the go and thus here we have come with some tips for you using which you will be able to install windows XP in your system.

5 Step by Step Instructions to Install Windows XP with CD

5 Step by Step Instructions to Install Windows XP with CD

1. Things Needed:-

You will need a windows XP CD in order to install windows XP in your system. You should first of all ensure if your system is compatible with windows XP or not and then you just need to put on the CD in respective driver and then you can go for the install. If you don’t know how to check if your system supports this version or not, and if you need to check it, the procedure has been explained by me in the next step.

2. Checking Compatibility:-

Press window key + R and then the run dialogue box will get opened. You have to enter “dxdiag” in it and then you need to click the OK button. The Minimum system requirements will get displayed and these you can match with your version to go for the further procedure. You can even enter your computer’s model on internet and then the system specifications will get listed. You can even call some local computer mechanic or someone amongst your friends to assist you while doing so.

3. Startup Install And Format Process:-

The start up of windows install will begin after pressing the dedicated key for it after putting the respective window CD in its driver and then first of all the old version will get formatted and then your install will begin. You have now to set your computer on booting and wait for the moment till the windows setup window appears. The dedicated key for it will perhaps be F9 or delete key. When you enter the setup you will need to click the “next” option and then it will ask you to agree by the license agreement and then you have to click on next again.

4. Product Key:-

If you are using a genuine version of windows, there will come a point when you will be asked for the product key and which can be obtained from the window provider or you might even find it printed on the sticker at your windows leaflet or packet. Type this key correctly in the key field and then press ok. Your windows package will get installed and then you can go for the install of the drivers also.

5. After Installing:-

After the installation gets finished, your computer is likely to get restarted again and you will get all the features enabled with it. What are you waiting for? Just go and enjoy its features. You will get a start button in menu. You can click it up and watch out all the programmers in it.


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