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5 Simple Ways to Sync Music from iTunes to iPhone

How to Sync Music from iTunes


iTunes is a digital music jukebox from Apple Inc Company designed for downloading and playing music and syncing it with the other devices. It serves as the world’s best way to play and add songs to your collection of songs. If you have movies or music on your computer, syncing will add this media to your iPhone, iPad or any other Apple device. In order to synchronize music to your apple device from iTunes, you need to follow some simple steps which are as follows:-

5 Simple Ways to Sync Music from iTunes to iPhone

5 Simple Ways to Sync Music from iTunes to iPhone

1. Update the iTunes Software to Latest Version:-

First of all, you will need to update the iTunes software on your computer if it is an old one as the features in the older versions of iTune were limited and an update will open many new options for you except just the sync facility. Besides this, an update will make you get the best from iTunes.

2. Connect Your Device to Computer:-

If you use an iPhone or iPad, its charger would have a detachable data cable with it. Simply remove the charging head of your data cable and use it in order to make the connection of your device with your personal computer. Simply plug in the USB head in the desired USB port and other head in the charging slot of your device. When the connection gets made perfectly, a connection menu will appear on your screen asking if you wish to make a connection of your device with your computer or if you simply wish to charge your device.

3. Find the Connected Device:-

You will need to specify and choose the option which reads to connect your device’s drive to the computer. Now you will easily be able to locate the connected device by reaching the place where drives of your system are located. Here you will find the connected device.

4. Click on the Device and Turn on Syncing:-

When you click your device, tabs will appear on the left hand side of iTunes window under settings on your screen. You have to turn on syncing now. In order to run on syncing, you just need to click content type from the list under settings. Click box next to sync and then check the checkbox provided. You will find the sync button in lower right corner of the screen.

5. Sync the Content with Your Device:-

Now all what you need to do is to click the sync button in order to sync the content. Once the sync button is clicked, all the movies and music files that you choose from the list will also be added to your phone or gadget’s libraries and after ejecting the device you will be able to locate and play them in your gadget. Same should be followed every time when you wish to sync the files. Don’t forget to eject the device before plugging the cable out. Also consider the memory options to check if there is desired memory storage area left in your device or not.


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