5 Simple Ways to Assemble/build a Computer

How to Assemble a Computer


To purchase a pre-assembled computer is quite costly sometimes. If you purchase computer parts yourself and then assemble them back to make a perfect computer combination, this saves your money and gives you the trust of quality products of your choice. If you wish to assemble your computer, you can easily do this following our step by step easy method.

5 Simple Ways to Assemble/build a Computer

5 Simple Ways to Assemble/build a Computer

1. Purchase Each Component required:-

In order to assemble a computer, you will first of all need to assemble its central processing unit and for this, you will need some components of it. First of all you should purchase a C.P.U cabinet with a power cable and an SMPS attached to it. The other required components will be the motherboard, hard disk of required memory configuration, RAM chips, processor, C.P.U fan, cell, connecting wires etc.

2. Assembling The C.P.U:-

First of all position the mother board in the C.P.U cabinet. Connect it to the power supply with the help of cables and then position the processor and cell at their proper place. Now position the CPU fan just above the processor and then connect the CPU fan to power with the help of wire. Now position the hard disk and DVD writer at their proper place fixing them with the help of nuts. The hard disk cable is to be plugged one side into the hard disk and to the other side into the mother board. Position the RAM chips in their respective slots enclosing them in a perfect way and then close the cabinet with the help of screws after connecting each component with the help of desired cables.

3. Purchasing the Suitable Devices:-

Purchase a keyboard, mouse and monitor or screen for your CPU now. You can take wireless or optical keyboard and mouse. You can also purchase a USB hub if you wish to have more USB ports available with the system. Connect the CPU and Monitor with the help of power cables and VGA cable positioning them in their proper places. Connect the keyboard and mouse at their respective places. Switch on the power supply and then go for window installation. Window installation follows driver installation. If you wish to use the speaker with your system, you can also install sound drivers.

4. Assembling the Devices:-

If you wish to attach any printer/scanner or joystick etc with your computer, simply plug them into their respective ports, install the drivers and your applications will start working. After installation of windows, you can also install anti-virus and other essential software from Microsoft like Microsoft office etc.

5. Warranty Options With an Assembled Computer:-

An assembled computer never has a complete set warranty and instead warranty options include warranty options offered with each component fixed in it. For example, if your RAM if of Kingston, it comes with a guarantee and this guarantee is valid with the customer care of Kingston company only for the RAM and not for the entire computer. Same is the case with screen and other attached devices. Keep the guarantee cards reserved at a safe place to avail warranty options for each and every component.


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