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5 Reasons Why do we Have Robots

Why do we Have Robots


Robots are the human made machines that are destined to serve humans. You must have watched them in the transformer movies and cartoons. Well the truth is half displayed in such movies and instead I will say that the technology shown is true but the purpose is half true. The robots are rather human imagination comes true. These are a transformation of machines and motors that are destined to reduce human efforts. Let me make you understand it in an easy way.

5 Reasons Why do we Have Robots

5 Reasons Why do we Have Robots

1. Robots in the Car Manufacturing Industry:-

Recently we made a visit to a car manufacturing industry, there they were making usage of some robotic machine to fix the automotive parts and the manager told me that the robot that they are using can reduce the effort done by 100 people in just a single go. The robot was fixing the body with rest of parts without any human attendees operating it and was self optimized to perform its job and thus first purpose of having robots is the reduction of labor, the money paid for labor and to reduce the hazards while working.

2. Robots In The Food Making Industry:-

Recently in a newspaper, there a robot had been depicted who was destined to make food. It kneaded the dough itself, baked it and made pizzas with it. The purpose of robotic machines in the food making industry can prove to have awesome benefits as the human chef may get tired but the machine never gets.

3. Robots in Homes:-

Just imagine. You are back home from office and you ask your nagging wife to bring you a glass of water. You are tired, but she is not paying any heed as you forgot to take her for the Friday movie. She is angry and thus you can’t even get a glass of water from her till she gets happy and meanwhile if you have got a robotic servant with you for this purpose, it will bring the glass of water for you in a single command as the machines just follow the commands and never even mind if you do not take them for the Friday movie show.

4. Robots in Defense:-

Robots may even have benefits regarding defensive measures as well. Recently a nation had build self operating tank that hag got power 10 times more than the other tanks. Just imagine, there is a war between two nations. The battle is fixed, but there is no human army. The robotic machines are employed for this purpose. This will save the loss of human life and prove to be a life-saving step, but destruction is still destruction and thus the various power countries are still thinking on the topic.

5. Robots for Space Missions:-

This one is my favorite. You must have heard that when a heavenly body tried to enter the earth’s atmosphere with tremendous speed, it catches fire. Though the scientifically made rockets and space vehicles, etc. are designed in such a way that they do not catch fire, but still there is always a risk of life when you are traveling in space. The usage of robotic machines for the space missions proves to be a smart step as there is no risk of human life and rather we are able to travel in space without even physically moving out of our planet.


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