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5 Possible Methods to Conserve Natural Resources

various ways to conserve natural resources


A natural resource is anything that people can use which comes from nature. Simply all the natural things are natural resources and even man or humans come in that list. Though humans are rather called a human resource as they can make a schematic usage of all the other natural resources with their power of reason and thinking capability.

5 Possible Methods to Conserve Natural Resources

5 Possible Methods to Conserve Natural Resources

Natural resources are never made and instead they are created by natural powers and thus if these resources get reduced, the existence of humans on this earth gets endangered. Natural resources include all the resources like air, water, wood, oil, wind, sun etc. and in order to keep these resources conserved for the future generations the following tips can be followed:-

1. Use Rain Water Harvesting System In Your Houses:-

Since ages, Humans with sensible souls like Raja Ram Mohan Roy etc.have shown interest in saving rain water by building small ponds and water storage tanks as they were familiar with the fact that the water which gets wasted after falling on the earth can be better bought in use if we store and harvest it. Just like we harvest our crops, we can harvest rains as well.

In order to harvest rain water, we can either use bamboo drip system to use rainwater for watering our crops or we can use roof water, rain water harvesting approach by building tank on roof top with a pipe fitted in order to store rainwater in it. Rainwater harvesting systems can be fitted on a large scale in cities and villages in order to harvest rain water.

2. Proper Use of Fertilizer, Insecticide and Pesticides should be encouraged:-

The chemical based fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides that we bring in use to ensure proper growth of our crops are actually spoiling their health. Though the product of such crops may be massive in size and may bring you money, but it makes people compromise with their health.

We should ensure proper usage of such products and it is better if we use compost manure or dead and deteriorated tree leaves and vegetable peel as manure in place of such products to ensure proper growth of our crops.

various ways to conserve natural resources

3. We Can Educate the Local People for Better Usage of Natural Resources:-

UN-education also serves to be an impediment for us in this direction. People are aware about the fact that we have got resources from nature, but they are not aware about the consequences that an ill-consumption of such resources can cause us.

In order to make people more conscious towards natural resources, we should organize public awareness camps. Children should be taught about conservation of natural resources from the very beginning of their school life as well.

4. Hydro-Power and Solar Power Usage to Be Encouraged:-

The emission of pollutants and harmful gases caused by fuels that we use in our vehicles can really leave the natural resources get spoiled. Though we got petrol, diesel, natural gas and every other such fuel from nature only, but if we keep on consuming such resources with the same speed, the day is not far when each of them will get ended and thus instead we should move towards more conventional sources of energy like solar power or hydro power etc.

possible method to conserve natural resources

5. Prevent deterioration of the existing resources:-

With every un-used page that you are tearing off without writing anything on it, you are actually inviting more trees to be chopped down for making new paper products. The deterioration and ill-consumption of such resources should be bought in control and you should follow the approaches like recycling and re-using in order to prevent these resources from ending. New trees should be planted and the pre-planted trees should be saved against deforestation.


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