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5 Instructions for How to Tie a Windsor Knot

How to Tie a Windsor Knot


A Windsor knot is simply a knot that is used to tie up a necktie producing a wide, symmetrical and triangular knot giving you a professional look and enhance the attire that you are clad in. It has been especially suited for a spread of cutaway collar that can properly suit a larger knot. The tie used for this purpose should be at least 4 Centimetre longer than the conventional tie and if you get succeeded in tying it up in a correct way, it will get much comfortable to wear and even to be removed without spoiling the knot rather.

5 Instructions for How to Tie a Windsor Knot

5 Instructions for How to Tie a Windsor Knot

1. The Initial Requirement:-

The first step that follows up the tying of a Windsor knot is to stand in front of the mirror and get the collars of your shirt up your neck now simply make a loop of your tie around your collar such that the wider portion stays hanging down and the narrow portion stays in your hands around the collar.

2. Getting Ahead:-

Now when the tie has made a loop around your collar, you can choose to cross up the wide end over the narrow end comfortably with whichever the hand you prefer. This will form a loop again and you have to bring the tie through this loop giving it a “V” shape. Now wrap the tie again like this only and the “V” loop will get enhanced like this.

3. Final Touch:-

When the “V” loop gets made, you can now choose to pull the wide end underneath passing it through the open gap of this “V” loop keeping the narrow end to the right keeping the wide end inside out. You need the wide end over the thin end again, crossing to the right.

4. Getting Somewhat Stylish:-

You can choose to keep the tie somewhat loose or hanging in the neck to give it a stylish look. Keep the tie resting around your collar keeping it loose. Now when you have set the position of the tie, You can bring the collar down making adjustments. You can choose to make a double Windsor knot if this one is not suiting your requirements.

5. Precautions While Tying The Windsor Knot:-

For enhanced look of the tie, The knot should be perfectly in a “V” shape and the tip of the wider end should be pointed strongly towards the buckle of your belt. You can choose to keep it hanging a few inches below or you may even choose to button up the collar button and make it get stick to your collar giving the professional feel but remember to avoid making it choke your neck and thus you should keep it somewhat loose preferably.


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