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5 Good Ways to Get Rid of Nervousness in Life

How to Get Rid of Nervousness


Nervousness is an experience of internal emotions that we come across while we are going to do something important. A person is likely to feel nervous while proposing a girl, speaking on stage, giving a presentation for office work, going for an interview or simply every other thing which is important for him or her and what he/she does not wish to spoil because of a mistake. It is often referred with the name anxiety as well.

5 Good Ways to Get Rid of Nervousness in Life

5 Good Ways to Get Rid of Nervousness in Life

This condition results because of psychological as well as physiological reasons and thus the cure is a little bit difficult for people to perform themselves. In order to relieve yourself against nervousness, you can follow these simple tips:-

1. Practice In Front of Mirror:-

In the initial days of my college debating life, I used to start shivering with the very name of the stage. I was always a good speaker, but I don’t know what happened to me with the name of a stage that I started trembling while reaching it. In order to overcome such a fear, you should practice in the front of the mirror first. This helps you a lot in removing hesitation as well as nervousness.

2. Tell Yourself Nothing Wrong Can happen:-

Some people get so nervous while giving a presentation as if they are not going to present a presentation, but instead are going to meet some terrorist from ISIS. In such a case you should tell yourself that nothing bad is going to happen to you and it is ok, even if your presentation is rejected as it hardly makes a difference. You will practice again and again and one day you will surely reach your goal.

3. You Can’t Run Away From Life and You Have To Face Problems:-

In case of an interview/ demonstration etc. some people leave home saying “I Can Do It, I Can Do It” but as soon as they are just about to depict or present themselves in front of the other person, “I Can Do It” gets changed to “I can’t Do it” because of nervousness. In such cases all you have to do is to make yourself calm by reminding that it is not a time to run away from situations and instead you will have to face problems boldly.

4. Take Deep Breaths and Meditate:-

Whenever I feel nervous, I just take a few deep breaths and start meditating for a while. According to a famous thinker, you should rationalize your fears and try to divert your mind in order to defeat nervousness. Simply be bold enough to face situations and nervousness won’t ever be able to make you feel embarrassed because of its effect.

5. Don’t Listen To What Others Say In Order To distract you:-

A few days back, I had taken my younger brother for a competition out of the station. He was full of confidence that day as he knew he was going to win, but everything changed as soon as a beautiful girl came and I had to leave them alone. Later on I came to know that the girl had actually demoralized him in order to make him nervous and thus took advantage of it in order to win. This can happen to you as well. You should never listen to what others say in order to distract you.


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