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5 Easy Way to Clean Washing Machine Naturally

How to Clean Washing Machine Naturally


A Washing machine reduces your efforts to clean up the stuff in your house like curtains, your dresses, your socks and what not? Basically a washing machine reduces all the labor that you had to do in the bathroom when this machine was not invented. But after all, it is a machine only and machines require proper maintenance rather and thus here we have come with some tips to take proper care of your washing machine while cleaning it.

5 Easy Way to Clean Washing Machine Naturally

5 Easy Way to Clean Washing Machine Naturally

1. Dirt Left After Flushing The Water Out:-

Even if you have flushed out all the detergent water along with the dirt mixed up after washing your clothes, there must be some dirt left stick somewhere in it. It is either the gauze in the water level indicator or there may be dirt left besides the rotator. You have to put some clean water first of all in your washing machine and set on the timer for 10 seconds till the clean water flushes out making the machine clean and free of dirt.

2. Pat Dry with A Cloth:-

Simply take up a clean cloth and pat dry the machine from inside. You have to do this for both the parts of your washing machine including the wash tub as well as the water removing tub. You have to soak up all the droplets seen anywhere on the machine making it completely dry out.

3. Clean Up The Gauze At The Water Level Indicator:-

There is a plastic wire gauze fixed at the water level indicator that takes up the dirt and extra thread or foam waste out of the clothes and do not let it get mixed up with your clothes removing it and entrapping it in its gauze. You need to take the gauze out gently and wash it up with water ejecting all the unwanted stuff from it.

4. Cleaning Up the Pipes:-

There are basically two pipes with every washing machine, one is the water inlet and one is the water outlet pipe. After you have washed your clothes, there may still be some water left in them. Take the pipe out and remove the water from it. After the water gets removed, you can place the pipes after cleaning up them with a dry cloth in one of the cabins of your washing machine.

5. Cleaning Up The Top:-

You need to show utmost care while cleaning up the top portion as you may feel electric current if the wiring is still switched on. The upper portion of the washing machine consists of the timers and switches. You have to switch off the electricity connection first off all, take the pug out and put the wire at its specific place folding it nicely. The second thing you have to do is to take a dry cloth and pat dry the upper surface with it. after doing this, you can leave the machine for 10 minutes in the open to let it dry completely and then you may put up some cloth or cover on your washing machine.


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