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5 Diet Prescriptions for Patients Suffering from Cancer

Diet for Cancer Patients


Cancer is dreaded disease even this 21st century. So many advances have taken place in medical sciences and today cancer is curable if detected in early stages. However, the treatment of cancer is not easy. The patient has to undergo multiple cycles of either chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Some patients have to undergo surgeries also. This all comes at a cost. The treatment has many side effects on the patient’s body. Supportive care in the form of nutrition is essential for recovery of patient suffers from vomiting, anorexia and weight loss. Following are the diet prescriptions for patients suffering from cancer.

5 Diet Prescriptions for Patients Suffering from Cancer

5 Diet Prescriptions for Patients Suffering from Cancer

1. Vegetables:-

Tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin etc are good sources of vitamins and fiber. Cabbages, broccoli and other similar cruciferous vegetables help to convert bad estrogen into good estrogen and thus help in prevention of relapse of cancer. Green leafy vegetables are sources of iron and other minerals. Asparagus and sprouts are good detoxifying agents. In these multiple ways if consumed plentifully these vegetables help cancer patients to reduce the chances of recurrence and channelize the recovery.

2. Protein rich foods:-

Fish, meat, eggs and various dals are protein rich. They are essential as they are building blocks of the human body. They help in maintaining muscle mass of the body. Soy foods and fish are especially advised to prostate cancer patients.

3. Carbohydrates:-

Chapatti, bread and rice are sources of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for the body. They should be consumed appropriately. Less consumption may lead to weight loss and impaired immunity

4. Fruits:-

Oranges and other fruits can be consumed liberally. They are good source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties. This helps boost immunity. It is important in cancer patients as their immunity is already compromised. Instead of taking externally vitamin supplements, it is better to consume fruits as supplements may interfere with chemotherapy.

5. Role of spices and garnishing agents:-

Cancer patients quite a few times complain of metallic taste and bland taste of food. This can be overcome by use of seasoning. A small amount of spices can be added to food items to make them tasty. This increases the palatability of food items.

6. Foods to be avoided:-

The deep fried, barbequed and baked products contain heterocyclic amines produced due to exposure of food items to high temperatures. These are carcinogenic and need to be strictly avoided foods, preserved food items also need to be avoided. Alcohol also needs to be very minimal or nil.


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