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5 Best Ways to Get Rid of Lice Completely

How to Get Rid of Lice


You can take a loose or a lice as a wingless insect that commonly lives in your hair. These are scavengers that feed on your skin and other debris on your scalp and even blood sometimes. They are not able to survive if removed from the host and can be really painful while removing from skin or hair. They even lay eggs where they live and generate more lice by attaching the egg to a part of host like its hair sticking it by the means of its saliva and this bond is not easy to be removed without making a use of any specialized lice removal product and thus here we have come with all the tips that you can bring in use so as to get rid of them without damaging your hair.

5 Best Ways to Get Rid of Lice Completely

5 Best Ways to Get Rid of Lice Completely

1. Lice Treatment Shampoo:-

In order to get rid of the problem of lice in your hair, you are advised to bring home some anti-lice or lice treatment shampoo. These type of shampoos are specialized for the treatment of your hair against lice and make you free from them. You can manage to use this shampoo on a regular basis so as to treat your head against lice as well as nits, which can be regarded as the eggs laid by lice.

2. Nit Comb For Removal of Nits:-

The eggs that lice lay in your hair are stick badly at the place where lice lay it as it uses some of its saliva to do that. This saliva acts like a gum and keeps the nits fixed properly at the same place. You can choose to go for a nit comb in order to get rid of these nits in a way that it is found to be specialized in removing these nits. Nit comb has got less space between its combing bristles and thus nits get easily removed with it.

3. Apply Apple Cider Vinegar and Neem Water:-

Take some neem leaves, boil them in water and bath with that water after it gets cooled. Neem has got the properties that can be used to treat the areas with debris and scalp. You can even choose to apply some apple cider vinegar to your head and bath after 15 minutes keeping it applied. You will be able to remove lice easily.

4. Hand Picking and Killing:-

Picking lice be the means of your hands after finding them through the hair and then killing them after pressing up with your nails is the oldest method practiced by most of the women so as to get rid of lice. You can even choose to go for a haircut or get the area of head treated with some anti-lice solution available with leading medical stores in order to get rid of the problem of lice as well.

5. Lice Treatment Oils and Conditioners:-

There are lice treatment conditioners like mediker, etc. available in markets these days that help you get rid of lice and nits easily. You need to take care of your hair afterwards, so as to avoid lice getting in your head again. You can even choose to treat your head with oils and get massage done on regular basis.

The most important thing that I will advise you is to stay away of someone who has got lice in hair as lice may reach your head even by sitting together or having direct contact as well. Some lice are even found to live in your eyebrows as well as the pubic hair, you can choose to get them treated as well.


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