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5 Best Way to Tie a Tie Knot Step by Step

How to Tie a Tie Easy Step by Step


A tie is something that you tie around your neck that enhances your look and makes you look professional as well. Though you may be looking handsome wearing a trendy outfit, but you will still feel something incomplete till you don’t tie up a tie on your neck and thus here we have come with some tips to ensure a good looking tie ties on your collar.

5 Best Way to Tie a Tie Knot Step by Step

5 Best Way to Tie a Tie Knot Step by Step

1. Choosing A Tie:-

First of all while making a choice for a tie, let me tell you that there are two type of ties, one is a tie that does not needs a knot to be made. You just have to fix it up on your collar and you are finished. The other is one for which you have to make a knot and this one comes in a variety of shades and colors as well. You first of all need to look for a tie that comes in contrast with your outfit or you may even go for a multicolored one.

2. Putting Up The Tie:-

First of all, you need to stand in front of the mirror and wrap the tie keeping the collar up and your top button buttoned properly. The wide end of it should be hanging downside and the other end should be in your hand. Bring the narrow end round the wide end and complete a revolution.

3. Getting Further:-

When you have done so, the next step that you need to make is to move up the wide end over the narrow end, crossing each other and then you have to pull the wide end behind the narrow end. The wider end now is to be wrapped around it in a way that it faces off the left.

4. Final Touch:-

The final step includes to bring the narrow end up the wide end again and pull the wider end under the loop around your collar in such a way that a knot gets formed. You can now tighten the knot using your other hand and you will see two structures formed and one will be big tie and other will be a small one hanging behind it. If there is a space to put this miniature formation behind the big one, you can tuck it up in it.

5. Deciding The Looks:-

Keep standing in front of the mirror and decide how much loose your tie should be. You can keep it loose if you open your collar button or you may prefer to keep it tight rather. You can even take help of some friend if you still feel doubtful about it.


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