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4 Ways to Use Facetime on iPad and iPhone

How to Use Facetime on iPad and iPhone


Facetime can be understood as a video telephony system that uses VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol technique developed by Apple Inc. for the supported mobile devices. The video version is supported with every apple device with a front camera and any Mac P.C. with a webcam attached to it. Facetime allows you to call, chat and share all your thoughts with any of your friends using the same application. The connection used can be either 3g or 2g or even Wi-Fi allowing you to stay in touch with the friends sitting apart of you and thus here we have come with some tips for you to use it in a better way.

4 Ways to Use Facetime on iPad and iPhone

4 Ways to Use Facetime on iPad and iPhone

1. Click On The Green ”Phone” Icon:-

There is a Green colored “Phone” icon that looks really similar to a phone button. You can click this button or icon in order to call some friend or relative of yours. You will be able to browse your contacts through it and when you have finished browsing the contacts, You can choose some friend to make a call.

2. Selecting The Friend To Be Called:-

When you have finished browsing your contacts to find a contact to be called, you will simply need to click the name of friend that you need to talk with and the call will be made. Simply click up the friend’s name, select the facetime button and then call him. The call will be connected but for it you will need to keep your data connection ON.

3. After The Call Gets Picked Up:-

The call will get connected and the phone will ring the other side. It depends on your friend if he or she picks up the call or not and then the next moment, you will hear your friend’s voice if the call has been received. You can mute the call by hitting the mute button on the left of the screen or you may even choose end the call by clicking the end call button. The quality of call made and calling experience both depend on the quality of internet that you are using and if you are on a better network connection, You will simply go crazy about this feature.

4. Precautions For Betterment:-

In order to get the best from facetime, I will advise you to be both on a 3G network. This will make the calling quality better and you both will be able to hear each other more clearly. If you have a low data and you are concerned about the data costs as well, You can manage to share the data with some Wi-Fi network in order to get added benefits.


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