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4 Steps to Write a Poem About Someone you Love

How to Write a Poem


Poem refers to the form of literature, that makes use of poetic devices and rhythmic expressions that are made to be arranged in a composition like form that describes some feeling or some phenomenon in such a way that it conveys a big meaning. Poem is basically a mix up rhythm as well as rhyme Like Talking about some poems, i.e. Solitary Reaper, The brook, ode to the west wind, the road not taken etc. all can be understood as the poems and thus in order to write a poem, you just need to take care of some minor things that I am mentioning here.

4 Steps to Write a Poem About Someone you Love

4 Steps to Write a Poem About Someone you Love

1. Find A Scene:-

In order to write a poetry, first of all you will need to find a scene. This scene may be of anything like a sparrow coming with pieces of straw every now and then in order to make a nest for her in the first stanza and then caring about her legs in the second one following with the way how she cares her small baby sparrows. It is not necessary that you take this situation only, it was just an example from my side and instead you can choose to go for any other scene as well.

2. Make A Choice Of Suitable Words:-

The words that you use should be poetic as well. You should enrich your vocabulary so as to do it in a favorable way. Like some words if I tell you, “Thou” means ” you”. Look at the lines that I am writing myself as a composition for you to understand how to do it creatively.

“Oh sparrow ! The little sparrow,
Thou coming with a piece of straw at my house each morning,
Since hail to frost I have kept an eye on you my little sparrow”

In these lines, though I have kept the scene much simple so as to describe how the sparrow had been coming to my house daily in the morning with a piece of straw and I did not made any effort in writing it rather and neither I am a poet as well, but the usage of a single poetic word, must have given you a feel that these lines are a part of some poetry and thus the way you choose words for your poetry also make a difference.

3. Poetic Devices And A Perfect Rhyme Scheme:-

Though the lines that I wrote in the point above were just some simple words that I wrote to make you understand how much words are important, but one thing you will also need to keep in mind and that is the usage of a perfect rhyme scheme as well as the perfect poetic devices in such a way that it creates an interest of readers in poem from start till the end and they don’t even feel bored with it at any point of time.

4. Rewrite, Manipulate And Edit the Things Where It Legs Behind:-

After making the composition, you should make sure to check it twice and manipulate the situation if it appears to be distracting the readers from the original scene. You can choose to make the necessary editing with your composition wherever needed and thus you may make necessary changes wherever you find your poetry to lag behind.


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