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4 Steps to Open a .dat File Using Windows

How to Open a .DAT File


A file with a “.Dat” extension is known as DAT files . The file is named with this extension by the window suspecting that it contains data. These files might have reached you through some other device that used some other software than the one you are using for reading files and thus get this name. With increasing number of new software’s for data feeding, the arrival of these type of files has also increased with users and thus there comes a need to look for the approaches that can help us open these types of files and thus here we have come with some tips for you to open these types of files in a better way.

4 Steps to Open a .dat File Using Windows

4 Steps to Open a .dat File Using Windows

1. Try To Change The Extension And Then Open It:-

The first approach that you can apply to open a file with “.DAT” extension is to right click on it, go to the rename option and rename the file with a new name putting the desired extension with it. Now suppose you think it is a text file of word, you can change the “.DAT” extension with “.DOC” or “.DOCX” extension. If you think it to be an image file, change the “.DAT” extension with “.JPEG” or “.GIF” extension. There are certain chances that the file will get opened.

2. Ask The Sender About The Programme That Created It:-                             

Another way to open a “.DAT” type of file is to open it with the program that created it. If you received it from some of your friend or co-worker, simply ask the name of software from where it was created and download that software or go for the conversion of it with some of good file converter software.

3. Right Click And Choose From The List:-

Another approach that you can use in order to open up the “.DAT” files is to simply make a right click on the file and choose the “Open With” option from the list of software. Try to open it again and again with each software mentioned and may be it gets opened with some of the software this way.

4. The Save As Technique:-

You simply need to open this “.DAT” file in its default program and choose to save the open file as another file format using the “SAVE AS” option. This technique will save a new file for this one and may be the reason for it to not open was a bad uploading and thus by saving a new file, you rectified it and it got opened.


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