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4 Steps to Check my Internet Speed in KBPS

How to Check Internet Speed


With increasing usage of internet in approximately every field and network providers that prove to come with offers that appear to be ultra lightning fast in the beginning, but come bounded with certain terms and conditions, reducing that speed after some decided span, there comes a need to be smart and keep on checking the speed of your internet connection so as to go for the internet service provided that gives us the best speed with our connection. In order to check the internet connection speed, you just need to follow some simple steps that we are mentioning here.

4 Steps to Check my Internet Speed in KBPS

4 Steps to Check my Internet Speed in KBPS

1. Enquire About The Existing Plan That You Have On Your Device:-

First of all, you will need to enquire your mobile operator about the existing data plan on your device. You may simply call up the customer care toll free numbers so as to enquire them about it and note down the speed that they tell you on a blank piece of paper. The speed that they will tell you will either be in Kbps or Mbps. Now you need to compare this speed with the actual speed by performing the internet connection test.

2. Go To Some Internet Connection Test Website Or Application:-

You can choose to go to some internet speed testing based website like speedtest or you may even choose to download the android speed test applications from the Playstore if you are an Android device user. Now simply install this application on your device and run it up. You should have an active internet connection for doing so. If you are not using an application for this purpose, you can choose to open up the dedicated website for it on your device’s web browser as well.

3. Check Up The Ping, Download Speed and Upload Speed:-

Ping may refer to as the reaction time of your connection that tells you how fast the internet connection gives you a response after you have sent a request to it. Ping is measured in Milliseconds and The download speed may refer as the speed that determines how faster your network downloads the data and this is generally faster than the upload speed and the upload speed may refer to as the speed that determines how faster the data will be uploaded. You may even choose to share the results on some social networking website profile like Facebook as much of these applications enable you to share your results with friends as well.

4. Compare Up The Results:-

After you check up the results for your internet connection speed, you will get three results that include ping, upload test as well as download test. Compare the existing speed with the speed that the customer care executive told you and this way you will be able to know the actual speed of your internet connection. You may have to go for making five-six comparisons and take out an average so as to get an idea as your internet connection testing parameters may vary slightly from time to time depending upon the network.


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