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4 Proven Homeopathic Treatment for Ovarian Cancer

Homeopathic Treatment of Ovarian Cancer


Homeopathy is a branch of medicine which serves to be one of the most effective medicine systems. Ovary cancer is a cancer that originates in the ovaries. It is a cancer of the female reproductive system and no-one exactly knows the cause of this cancer. This cancer, being the second most common form of cancer is also responsible for damage of surrounding tissues. The name of the cancer is enough to make someone die with just thinking about its signs and symptoms, but actually, homeopathy has got remedies for this problem. You can really get treated against this cancer, which occurs due to a defect of genes in most of the cases if you take the refuge of homeopathy. Here we are mentioning some homeopathic options for ovary cancer, which if adopted to a female’s schedule, can treat her reproductive system against this disease.

4 Proven Homeopathic Treatment for Ovarian Cancer

4 Proven Homeopathic Treatment for Ovarian Cancer

1. Cow Urine Therapy:-

You must be saying, “What the heck is this filthy muck talking about” after you heard about this statement from my side, but cow urine therapy has proven a sure shot relief against ovarian cancer. It is also beneficial against various kinds of cysts, tumors and neoplasms. You can talk with a homeopathic professional in order to know more about this therapy.

2. Hormonal Replacement Therapy:-

Estrogen replacement therapy or Hormonal replacement therapy has also proven helpful in the treatment of ovarian cancer. Actually, estrogen is a hormone of womanhood. Hormonal replacement or estrogen replacement has been found helpful in many cases of this cancer.

3. Chief Remedies:-

Lachesis, Kresote, Arsen Alb, Aurum Mur and Nat etc. are the names that have been mentioned in the books of homeopathic treatment for ovarian cancer as the chiefly used remedies against it. Belladonna, Calcarea, Sepia, Lyco, Apis, Iodium etc. are the names which have been mentioned to be useful against the problems that arise with right ovary of a woman suffering from ovarian cancer

4. Treating The Cases Of Chronic Ovarian Cancer:-

Conium is the name mentioned for the treatment of the cases with chronic ovarian cancer. Lachesis, Lillium Tig, Kali Carb, Stramonium, Naja etc. can prove beneficial if you are suffering from signs and symptoms related with left ovary. There is a bee sting like pain felt in some cases of ovarian side. This generally happens with the right side of a woman’s reproductive area. Apis Mellifica is a medicine which can be bought in use for treatment in such cases. For left sided pain, Lachesis can be bought in use or Thuja can prove beneficial for treatment of hardness felt to the left side.

5. Do Not Become A Doctor Yourself:-

Though most of the medicines mentioned here are made from tree/animal based products and thus have no side effects, but still you should never become a doctor yourself as half knowledge always creates problems. You can reach a good homeopathic expert in your area with the names of these medicines to ask which of these will suit you the best and thus you should take these medicines after consulting them with a homeopathic specialist only.


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