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4 Easy Weight Losing Tips For Staying Healthy

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Just I woke up in the morning today and realized that my schedule is giving me nothing instead of few more kilos. So I decided that I have to start a regime from today onwards but later while looking for the time I realized that I have no time left for gyming. Oh my god! How am I going to loose my weight without going to gym. Being sad and upset I finally decided to drop the regime.

4 Easy Weight Losing Tips For Staying Healthy

4 Easy Weight Losing Tips For Staying Healthy

This story matches your story? I think yes. Now a days we are busy doing our work and schedules are so tight that we do not have much time for gyming or carrying out a procedure that can lead to weight loss.

Lets first understand what is weight loss and how we can loose weight. See it is a practical and a simple formula that works for you but the key area is regularity. You can not loose weight in 4 or 5 days. Yes you surely can loose about 1 or 2 kgs but you will gain it as fast as possible. So loosing a permanent weight from your body is necessary.

Basically it is a very simple formula:

Calories needed – calories consumed= weight loss/ weight gain

When the calories consumed by us is less then the calories required by is then it leads to weight loss and vice versa when the calories consumed exceed the calories required then it leads to accumulation of such calories giving birth to fats. So we ourself are responsible in reducing or gaining our weight.

So I was looking for other alternatives we can follow to gain desired target.

1. Dieting:-

When we are not working out much then we have to focus mainly on dieting. This will be the only tool that can help us loose weight in tonnes. All you have to do is think before you eat- ARE YOU REALLY HUNGRY? see our body is like a car and food is its fuel so you have to fill in the fuel only when it is required. Have you ever heard today I got promotion so I will fuel up my car by 100 bucks more. No right? Then the same goes for your body.

2. Walk As Much As Possible:-

As we are avoiding the gyming and work out and various exercise so we have to carry out some physical activities that cut out our calorie content upto some level. Therefore we choose walking. It is the best exercise you can do to loose weight.when you visit a gym you have to pay certain attention to certain body parts, but walking is the only one that lets you focus on every body part. While walking each and every body part is working and contributing in cutting the calories. So prefer to walk to your office, come back by the same means, prefer stairs, do not be lazy in office.

3. Detoxify Your Body:-

It is a must thing to do. Many people are not aware of what detoxification is. Detoxification is a process of removing all the harmful, unwanted and undesirable components from your body. Our body works better when it is detoxified. So for that you can go for lemon and honey water in the morning, exchange regular tea with green tea, go for no salt day at last once a week and go for foods that help in detoxifying your body.

4. Eat Properly:-

Even healthy food can also be bad for your health. You may have heard that EXCESS OF EVERYTHING IS BAD. So even if you are eating properly and healthy but in excess then that can also hamper your weight loss regime. So all you have to do is take smaller meals every 2 to 3 hours but do not sit and a whole bowl all together and be hungry the rest of the day. Distribute the food for a day not by meals.


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